7 Food TV shows that are must watch TV this September


Forget football, these seven food TV shows will keep you glued to the couch this September. Wonder what cooking and food tips will be revealed.

Food TV shows are heating up this September. From the final episodes that Anthony Bourdain filmed to cooking competitions, food TV is big this month. While other people might be catching up with their weekly shows or binge watching Netflix, these food TV shows make FoodSided’s must watch list this month.

Top Chef Junior

Watching these younger kids compete on Top Chef Junior will make you want to be a better cook. If a kid can master all these cooking techniques, then other people can expand their cooking abilities. Personally, I wish that my kids could cook half as good as these kids. Top Chef Junior airs on Universal Kids.

Big Food Truck Tip with Andrew Zimmern

Food trucks are still quite popular. In this new Food Network series, Andrew Zimmern travels around the U.S. to find passionate food truck entrepreneurs. In various cities, food truck owners will compete for a $10,000 tip, which can help them take their food truck to the next level. Big Food Truck Tip airs on Food Network.

Baked with Tom Papa, photo provided by Food Network

Baked with Tom Papa

Tired of feeling guilty about loving bread and baked goods? After watching Baked with Tom Papa, indulging in delicious, satisfying baked goods is encouraged. If you don’t crave a croissant, country loaf or a baguette by the end of this Food Network show, you have amazing will power.

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Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown

While the world has lost a culinary legend, the final episodes of Parts Unknown will start airing on September 23. Only the first episode will feature Bourdain’s signature narrative. Also, the final two episodes will be retrospectives on Bourdain, his career and the people who worked with him. Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown airs on CNN.

Bite Club

Hosted by Tyler Florence, this Food Network cooking competitive is similar to culinary fight clubs that happen in many cities. Five chefs, all from the same city, enter an unfamiliar kitchen. By luck of the draw, two chefs are judges and three compete. With selected ingredients, the chefs must battle to earn the ultimate bragging rights in their city. Bite Club airs on Food Network.

The judges and host pose for a photo at the judges table after the pre-heat, as seen on Food Network’s Halloween Baking Championship Season 4.

Halloween Baking Championship

Are you ready for some spooky treats? Food Network is bringing back the fan favorite, Halloween Baking Championship. Carla Hall, Lorraine Pascale and Zac Young are back as judges. Will the judges’ costumes be as creative as the bakers Halloween inspired treats? Halloween Baking Championship airs on Food Network.

Hell’s Kitchen

Are you prepared to enter Gordon Ramsay’s kitchen and face his boisterous rant? Another group of contestants are willing to take the challenge. It will be interesting to see if these chefs are up to the challenge. Or, has Gordon softened his tirade on bad cooking? Hell’s Kitchen airs on FOX.

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What Food TV shows are you watching this month? Share your favorite shows with FoodSided. We are always looking for some great food shows.