Cat and Nat share their mom truths about breakfast on the go


YouTube stars Cat and Nat are known for the mom truths. With school back in session, they have some definite opinions on the realities of breakfast on the go.

Any busy mom understands that breakfast on the go is a reality, even a mom truth. Cat and Nat, known for their YouTube videos about #MomTruths, are just like every other mom out there. Even though moms might strive to be that allegedly perfect mom who floods your social media feed, the reality of life is a little more realistic. Recently, I chatted with Cat and Nat about their back to school routines, school mornings and breakfast on the go.

One of the appeals of Cat and Nat’s #MomTruths videos is their willingness to say what many moms are thinking. Sometimes as moms, women feel the need to portray a façade that everything is picture perfect. From that smorgasbord of school mornings breakfast options to the immaculate Bento Box school lunch, only a few moms can truly achieve these feats without making themselves frazzled. While every mom should be celebrated for who she is, everyone should also stop being so hard on herself.

During our conversation, Cat and Nat continually emphasized the most important thing for moms to remember is to be confident in yourself and know who you are. When a mom can focus on that mom truth, her children benefit as well. Loving your kids, being present for them and knowing that your kids love you is all that is needed at the end of the day.

As many families have headed back to school, school resolutions are made by many moms and families. From simple organization to more elaborate ideals, these resolutions seem like a good idea. According to a recent Nutri-Grain study, over 60% of those back to school resolutions are broken within a few months. It seems like that broken resolution could only add to the ever present mommy guilt.

I asked Cat and Nat if they made back to school resolutions this year. While both did some back to school preparation, neither moms chose a specific resolution. Instead, they put the focus back on being in the moment with their kids. It sounded like the idea of control the controllable. Why create anxiety in resolution when the kids, and their happiness, should be the focus. Kids who are happy and a loving family is the ultimate success, not sticking to a resolution.

For many people, school breakfast is the focus of the back to school resolution. Since many moms grew up with the notion that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, that concept can create a huge dilemma for the busy mom. Morning routines can be extremely hectic, but the kids can’t leave for school without some nutritious food in their stomach.

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Cat and Nat suggested that moms need to stop being so hard on themselves. An easy, grab and go breakfast option, like Nutri-Grain breakfast bars, are the perfect solution. The combination of whole grains and real fruit can give kids (and moms) the energy to rise and thrive throughout the day.

While some moms might scoff at the thought that a grab and go breakfast, Cat and Nat said that moms need to let go of that mom guilt and mom comparisons. What is right or normal for one family doesn’t have to be the same for another family. If a Nutri-Grain breakfast bar works for you and your kids, go with it and don’t judge others. Again, being a mom isn’t about being perfect.

Since Cat and Nat swore by the Nutri-Grain bars as both a grab and go breakfast option as well as an afternoon snack (what mom hasn’t heard the “I’m starving” when the kids get out of school), I decided to stock up on some Nutri-Grain breakfast bars for myself. In my house, our school often start at 5 a.m. with morning sports practice, I know the grab and go breakfast idea quite well. One of the reasons that my kids enjoyed the Nutri-Grain breakfast bras was because of the fruit. It allowed them to have a variety of flavors throughout the week. Also, each bar offered a little sweetness.

Nutri-Grain breakfast bars, photo by Cristine Struble

As a mom, I appreciate the real fruit in each bar. With a breakfast on the go, it can be difficult to make fruit an option. From extra containers to messes in the car, fruit can be hard. With this grab and go option, the choice was easy.

My mom truth is that I would rather my kids get an extra 30 minutes of sleep than waking them up to have a sit-down breakfast at the table. Of course, life is a trade-off, but this scenario works for my family and I’m ditching the mommy guilt.

One of the best takeaways from my conversation with Cat and Nat was that moms need to support each other. While these two ladies might say what others are thinking on their YouTube channel, other moms need to be confident in themselves. Whether it is finding their passion or ditching the guilt about the grab and go breakfast, these items don’t bring fulfillment. If you go to bed every night knowing that your kids love you and you love them, the day was a huge win.

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Thank you Cat and Nat for the inspiring conversation and thank you to Nutri-Grain for making the conversation happen.