Favorite fall treat gets a candy twist with HI-CHEW Caramel Apple


Caramel apples are a favorite fall treat. The new HI-CHEW Caramel Apple embraces that childhood classic and its delicious fall flavors.

Do you love the flavor of a caramel apple? As apple season picks up, those juicy, luscious apples are everywhere. Some of those delicious apples get transformed into the decadent, sweet caramel apples. While this fall treat is always yummy, it can be difficult to enjoy. Luckily, HI-CHEW is offering a solution.

The combination of caramel and apple is a classic one. The sweetness of the caramel balances the tartness of the apple. It is a sweet and tangy combination that is quite satisfying. But, that combination needs to be done well. No one wants hard caramel, too sweet caramel or a soggy apple. All of these situations can ruin the caramel apples experience.

HI-CHEW just launched its brand new fall flavor, HI-CHEW Caramel Apple. This new flavor highlights the best part of the favorite fall treat. The candy features the freshness of the apple while adding the right amount of caramel sweetness. It is just like enjoying that favorite apple on a stick, but without the sticky finger problem.

New HI-CHEW Caramel Apple, photo provided by HI-CHEW

Like all of the HI-CHEW candies, the fruit flavors are the focus. In this candy, the apple flavor is tart and bright, like a green apple. The caramel has a slightly buttery, sweet and chewy consistency that makes is totally satisfying. If you like caramel apples, this candy will totally satisfy.

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With the launch of this new candy, it brought up a burning question. How do you pronounce “caramel?” According to a recent Harris poll, “Nearly 3 in 5 Americans (57%) pronounce “caramel” as “Care-AH-Mel,” while just over one third (36%) pronounce it as “CAR-Mel.” Which way do you pronounce the word?

Personally, I’m with the majority. I don’t know why. The caramel pronunciation debate is similar to the always controversial “pecan” pronunciation. With certain words, regional influences often effect the pronunciation.

It doesn’t matter how you pronounce caramel, the HI-CHEW Caramel Apple flavor is delicious. Don’t miss your chance to try it. The flavor will only be available for a limited time. Personally, I can’t wait to see how to make an infused cocktail with some of these candies. It would be definitely more satisfying than a PSL.

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