Celebrate the Emmy Awards with Ketel One Vodka & Charles Joly’s cocktails


Ready for this year’s Emmy Awards? Ketel One Vodka and Charles Joly have collaborated on several themed cocktails to celebrate the best of television.

As the 70th annual Emmy Awards prepares its red carpet, television fans are getting ready to toast the annual celebration of television’s best. While fans might not be able to walk the red carpet, Ketel One Vodka and Charles Joly have collaborated on cocktails that are definitely red carpet worthy.

Charles Joly, previously named the best mixologist in the world, uses his unique talents to create four Emmy Awards cocktails that are quite impressive. Using Ketel One Vodka, each cocktail is based on this year’s 70th anniversary theme, Emmys Under the Stars. Joly said, “In the case of the 2018 Emmys cocktails, the names paired with the grandeur, elegance and celebratory nature of the event.”

Keeping with his creative, yet playful style, these cocktails have names that entice the Emmys fans to toast the annual television event. Joly said, “I’ve always thought cocktail names were an important part of the drink itself. They can be playful, literal or come from a variety of inspirations.” These four cocktails definitely embrace that point of view.

For this Emmy Awards celebration, the four cocktails featuring Ketel One Vodka are called Enlightenment, Radiance, Restoration and Labyrinth. Considered the world’s best selling vodka, this particular vodka brand is known for being exceptionally smooth. Each cocktail features the Ketel One Vodka, but each cocktail is also completely unique. From bright citrus to warm spice, each cocktail embraces the qualities of the Emmys and its celebration.

Radiance, by Charles Joly and Ketel One Vodka, photo provided by Ketel One Vodka

The signature cocktail for this collaboration is Radiance. Joly describes this cocktail as the cocktail expression of what the event represents. “The nominees have all put a lifetime of perfecting their art form to reach this moment. It is truly their night to shine.” The craft of this visually stunning and complex flavors make it the perfect cocktail for a celebration.

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Radiance is visually impressive because of edible flower frozen into the crystal clear ice cube. The cocktail’s flavor blends both the familiar and the slightly exotic. Notes of bright citrus, warm spice and botanical florals create a quite intriguing sip.

The Radiance cocktail is featured in a special bespoke cocktail kit, which is a partnership between Ketel One Vodka and Cocktail Courier. This kit has everything that the at-home bartender needs to make this signature Charles Joly Emmy cocktail. Now the at-home bartender can channel her master mixologist techniques.

In addition to Radiance, Joly created three other cocktails for the annual television event. Those cocktails, Enlightenment, Restoration and Labyrinth are lovely expressions of the Ketel One Vodka as well as Joly’s signature style.

Restoration by Charles Joly, photo provided by Ketel One Vodka

For cocktail fans, Enlightenment is a wonderful example of a cocktail that impresses from the first sip. With a visual presentation that makes you want to drink it, the flavor combinations will bring the drinker back time and again. A slightly playful, yet still quite sophisticated cocktail, Enlightenment might just bring the drinker a little clarity of the mind.

To end the evening, Restoration could be the perfect ending to any celebration. While it channels the classic martini style cocktail, it offers a sense of refreshment. Showcasing the versatility of Ketel One Vodka, this cocktail is the choice to enjoy as the final awards are presented.

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Which cocktail will you be sipping during this year’s Emmy Awards? Whether it is Radiance, Restoration, Labyrinth or Enlightenment, each one could have you channeling your own award winning celebration.