Nestle Toll House Monster Munch, a Halloween cookie that is better than candy


Move over Halloween candy. The new Nestle Toll House Monster Munch is the Halloween cookie that will make you forget about your kids’ Halloween candy stash.

A freshly baked cookie is always a favorite treat. While some people are buying Halloween candy, a Halloween cookie is my biggest craving. While the decorated Halloween shaped cookies are delightful, a new cookie is filling my cookie jar this season. The new Nestle Toll House Monster Munch is the cookie that you have always wanted.

This new flavor of refrigerated cookie dough from Nestle Toll House is a special limited edition flavor that will be able through Halloween. Available at Walmart, this new cookie flavor will have all those little ghosts and goblins putting the Halloween candy bags away and asking for cookies and milk all month long. Truthfully, adults might just tell the kids that the cookies are all gone because these cookies are that tasty.

This new cookie flavor fold chocolate morsels, peanut butter morsels and candy coated gems into oatmeal cookie dough. Each bite has a combination of flavors and textures that make these cookies totally addicting. Try to eat just one cookie and walk away. It is impossible.

Nestle Toll House Monster Munch, new Halloween Cookie, photo provided by Nestle Toll House

While other cookies combine chocolate, peanut butter and candies, the oatmeal cookie dough makes this cookie even more satisfying. The flavor and texture are reminiscent of homemade cookies that my grandmother would make.

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Truthfully, these cookies are best enjoyed with a big, cold glass of milk. While I wouldn’t necessarily dunk my cookie in the milk, a bite followed by a sip is absolutely delicious. I seriously considered making ice cream sandwiches with these cookies, until I had no ice cream in the house.

Since the refrigerated cookie dough is scored into 24 squares, the cookie size is perfect for a little treat. Granted, I was never able to stop at just one cookie. Still, I didn’t feel overly guilty when I grabbed a couple as my mid-afternoon snack.

As people start planning Halloween parties and events, these Nestle Toll House Monster Munch cookies would make for a fun treat. While the cookies might not scream Halloween symbolism, everyone will be thrilled with the flavors. No one will care that the cookie isn’t shaped like a pumpkin or a traditional Halloween color. I’m willing to bet that a plate of cookies will go faster than the bowl of Halloween candy.

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Don’t miss your chance to try the Nestle Toll House Monster Munch cookies. These cookies can be found in the refrigerated section, near other Nestle Toll House refrigerated cookie dough. But don’t wait too long to try them. Just like the jack-o-laterns, these cookies will disappear after Halloween.