Toast the witching hour: Heidi Klum’s Halloween party cocktails by SVEDKA


The annual Heidi Klum Halloween party is a star-studded celebrity event. SVEDKA has released the party’s Halloween cocktails so that everyone can drink like a celebrity.

Since my invitation to the Heidi Klum Halloween party has been mistakenly lost in the mail, I can only imagine what that star studded celebrity event must be like. From the outlandish costumes to the fabulous food, the event is definitely a highlight of the Halloween season.

This year SVEDKA vodka has created a few Halloween inspired cocktails especially for this annual Halloween party. While I don’t know which cocktail is Heidi Klum’s favorite, I do know that these Halloween cocktails can make my Halloween party a little spooky and quite tasty.

Recently, SVEDKA shared with its signature Halloween cocktails for this event. From haunted sips to devilish delights, these cocktails are perfect for the haunting season. More importantly, these vodka cocktails are relatively easy to make.

SVEDKA shared four cocktails that will be featured at the Heidi Klum Halloween party. These cocktails are: Blue Rasmopolitan, Bloody Sunrise, Devil Whiskers and Witches Brew. While three of the cocktails have obvious Halloween inspiration, the blue rasmopolitan seems a little less obvious.

The Blue Rasmopolitan has the biggest visual pop. With a cotton candy garnish, this cocktail is quite festive. It reminds me of the specialty drinks at Epcot Food and Wine’s Light Lab (the drink where the liquid dissolves the cotton candy). While this cocktail might lean toward the sweet, it is a gorgeous visual.

Here’s how to make the Blue Rasmopolitan.

Heidi Klum Halloween party cocktail, Blue Rasmopolitan, photo provided by SVEDKA

"BLUE RASMOPOLITANIngredients:• 1 1/2 parts SVEDKA Blue Raspberry Vodka• 1/2 part fresh lemon juice• 1/2 part triple sec• 1/2 part cranberry juice• ice• cotton candy, for garnishInstructions:1. Combine all ingredients (except for cotton candy) in a cocktail shaker over ice.2. Shake and strain into a martini glass.3. Garnish with cotton candy."

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The other three cocktails, Bloody Sunrise, Devil Whiskers and Witch’s Brew, are equally visually stunning. The visual presentation makes these cocktails perfect for Halloween. For example, Bloody Sunrise is similar to a screwdriver. If you like orange juice and vodka, you can build off this particular cocktail. By adding a splash of grenadine, it is reminiscent of a blood red sun.

For the more adventurous, creative at home mixologist, the Devil Whiskers is the best choice. This cocktail features a little fake blood. Who know that fake blood can be made with white corn syrup, and some food coloring? A few drops in a martini glass makes any cocktail go from gorgeous to gory.

Lastly, the Witch’s Brew is visually stunning and bold in flavor. Check out the recipe that SVEDKA shared.

Witch’s Brew, SVEDKA cocktail at Heidi Klum Halloween Party

"Witch’s BrewIngredients:• 1 1/2 parts SVEDKA Cherry• 1 1/2 parts watermelon juice• splash orange liqueur• 1/4 part fresh lime juice• pinch salt• 2 drops black food coloring (red/green/blue mixed together)• ice• ground star anise mixed with sugar, for garnishMethod:1. Combine ingredients in a cocktail shaker filled with ice, shake, and strain into a martini glass.2. Garnish with star anise and sugared rim."

While the visual for this cocktail is impressive, the method is quite easy to make. It is a simply martini style cocktail. I would recommend that you don’t spill this drink on a white shirt.

More importantly, the flavors from this cocktail are delicious. Watermelon juice is quite popular right now. Also, the ground star anise with sugar for the rim is genius. That flavor balances the sweetness of the cocktail. Just be careful that this cocktail doesn’t put you under a spell.

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While the Heidi Klum Halloween party will happen later this month, everyone can start mixing up these Halloween cocktails from SVEDKA. Which one will you shake up this Halloween season?