5 spooky Halloween wine pairings for your Halloween movie watching

Looking for spooky Halloween wine pairings? These five wines pair perfectly with some classic Halloween horror movies, just don’t spill the wine.

Spooky Halloween wine pairings are the perfect beverage to sip while watching your favorite horror movie. While people might disagree on the best horror movie villain or the scariest movie, these Halloween inspired wine pairings can help calm the banter. Just don’t spill any wine on the couch when you scream in fear.

Thinking about wine parings for Halloween movies, the collaborations don’t have to be completely obvious. Some pairings are more subtle, some obtuse and few a little quirky. While this movie and wine pairing list has only five suggestions, it could serve as inspiration for your favorite horror movie binge watching event.

While some wine drinkers will be drawn to wines with name that conjure the spooky season, this list focuses more on flavors. Whether it is a refreshing rosé or a bold impact Shiraz, take a few minutes to contemplate these suggestions for the spooky season.

Here are five spooky Halloween wine pairings that are perfect for your next Halloween movie night.

Halloween wine pairings, Layer Cake Bourbon Barrel Cabernet Sauvignon, photo provided by Layer Cake

Layer Cake Bourbon Barrel Cabernet Sauvignon and Happy Death Day

Are you terrified that you could re-live your death day over and over? (maybe you were just terrified by the Halloween Horror Nights haunted house). If you are willing to watch Happy Death Day again (and again), open a bottle of the Layer Cake Bourbon Barrel Cabernet Sauvignon. The toasted oak notes and charred barrel flavors add depths to this rich cabernet. You might not be blowing out candles on a birthday cake, but you will want to enjoy more than one glass of this wine.

Fleurs de Prairie Rosé and Flowers in the Attic

No one deserves to be locked up in an attic. Think about fresh and refreshing flavors that the Dollanganger’s missed while sipping the Fleurs de Prairie Rosé. This medium bodied wine has hints of berries and citrus. It is quite refreshing. Don’t be spooked, every season is Rosé season.

The Calling 2015 and The Calling

This chardonnay has a very complex, layered taste. From tart lemon to sweet spice, each sip uncovers another note of flavor and aroma. This wine pairs beautifully with the mystery in the movie. Can Detective Hazel Micallef track the killer as you detect another layer to this wine?

Halloween wines, Peter Lehmann Portrait Shiraz , photo provided by Peter Lehmann wines

Peter Lehmann Portrait Shiraz and The Shinning

Instead of here’s Johnny, consider here’s Peter Lehmann. This Shiraz is dark, colorful and definitely not redrum. But, this complex Shiraz is more than just what it seems on sight. Dark fruits captivate while chocolate tempt. Whether served with a hearty meat or a robust cheese, this wine will definitely make an impact, just like the terrifying movie, The Shining.

Josh Cellars Sauvignon Blanc and The Exorcist

So many parts of the iconic movie The Exorcist are etched in horror movie history. For this Halloween wine pairing, the Josh Cellars Sauvignon Blanc offers layers of stone fruit and melon for a bright, juicy flavor. While not being too sweet, this wine is crisp and fresh. And yes, you could pair it with split pea soup.

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Do you have favorite spooky Halloween wine pairings? Red, white or even some bubbles could make the spooky season a little more festive. Cheers!