Dunkin’ espresso beverages show a commitment its beverage focus-strategy

Will espresso beverages fuel the new beverage focused Dunkin’ strategy? This new beverage focus looks to have wide reaching appeal.

Espresso beverages have been around for a long time. While colorful, sugar filled drinks might look impressive on social media, the flavors can be overwhelming. Isn’t a superbly brewed, crafted coffee just as visually and tastefully stimulating? Dunkin’ is betting that espresso can set their beverage strategy apart.

While consumers have run to Dunkin’ for delicious hot and cold coffee beverages, this new espresso focus looks to confirm the brand’s new direction. After announcing the drop of “Donuts” from its name, the brand said that its store would have a new look, feel and approach. Beverages would be a big focus going forward.

By adding espresso focused equipment by the holidays, Dunkin’ looks to deliver on bolder coffee flavor. This in store experience should bring the robust, strong coffee flavor into the coffee driven drinks. This change should appeal to the real coffee drinkers.

While the brand doesn’t say if these espresso driven beverages will be classic espressos lattes and the like, the expansion gives the brand more coffee driven options. While Dunkin’s flavored coffees have always been a favorite, they are just coffee. Today consumers, especially younger consumers, want more than just a plain cup of joe.

Additionally, the espresso cups will be getting a redesign. Building on the brand’s previously announced color scheme, the espresso cups are bright orange with an emphatic ! symbol. The exclamation point is meant to convey that these beverages are bold, new and exciting.

Truthfully, the exclamation point might be a little over the top. While the cups are quite colorful, a delicious espresso drink doesn’t need fanfare. The taste should be the most emphatic thing, not the cup. Since my local Dunkin’ hasn’t rolled out these new cups or drinks, I will have to hold my judgment till I get a sip.

Overall, this direction should be a good choice for Dunkin’. In today’s crowded coffee market, the brand needs to find its niche. While I would encourage people to find and support a local coffee shop, this direction towards better crafted coffee should be commended.

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Will you be heading to Dunkin’ to try these espresso beverages? What’s your go to coffee beverage?