Favorite coffee brands go mini, new FORTO coffee partnerships

What’s your favorite coffee brand? FORTO just announced new coffee partnerships that turns your favorite coffee into a convenient shot.

Favorite coffee brands have a big loyalty. From flavored coffees to bold brews, some people will only drink a particular coffee brand. Still, people want convenience. Luckily this new FORTO partnership gives some coffee lovers a new option for their favorite pick me up.

FORTO, the coffee shot company, just announced a partnership with some of the most popular coffee brands. The favorite, organic cold brew coffee now has coffee from Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Krispy Kreme, The Original Donut Shop and Gevalia.

While the coffee expansion offers more variety, all the flavors will be available in the popular 2-ounce, on the go version. Plus, with 100mg of caffeine, these coffee shots often big energy as well as big flavor.


New FORTO coffee brand partnerships, photo provided by FORTO


This flavor option expansion shows a couple of growing trends with consumers. First, consumers have a particular brand loyalty, especially when it comes to coffee. Gone are the days where consumers’ options are black, cream or sugar. Today, it is much more specific.

From flavored coffees to particular roasting, coffees are very different. For many people there is a huge flavor difference between The Donut Shop and Krispy Kreme. That particular taste preference is important.

Adding these new flavor options expands FORTO’s reach. The consumer who might have passed over the coffee shots because it wasn’t their favorite brew, now will reach for the on-the-go convenience.

Second, people want convenience. These quick, ready to drink coffee shots offer that convenience. Now, there is even more reason to try these particular beverages.

Lastly, coffee isn’t just a morning beverage. No longer is coffee that steaming mug of caffeine goodness that starts a day. Instead it is an afternoon refresher, a mid-day treat or a just because drink. With the additional convenience factor, coffee is an all day, every day beverage.

The new FORTO drinks featuring your favorite coffee brand will be hitting store shelves soon. The Donut Shop and Green Mountain varieties will be available early next week and Krispy Kreme and Gevalia will be available in December. These flavors will join the FORTO coffee as well as the brand’s ready to drink lattes.