Prosecco Pie is here and the holidays will be fabulous

The holidays just got even better. Prosecco Pie is here and the holidays just got the dessert that everyone will be craving.

Prosecco Pie is a reality, not a figment of your culinary dreams. This delicious, festive dessert is the culinary collaboration between RUFFINO Wines and Little Pie Company. Yes, two legends in the culinary world have joined forces to create this first of its kind pies.

The RUFFINO Salted Caramel Prosecco Pie is available now. If you are lucky enough to live in New York City, you can head to the Little Pie Company store on 43rd Street. Don’t fret if you live elsewhere. The pies can be shipped nationwide. Who’s got a fork and a glass ready for this delicious holiday combination?

According to the brands, this seasonal pie is inspired by the flavors of the RUFFINO Prosecco. With notes of apple and citrus, this beverage is crisp, light, effervescent and bright. The pie itself has apples, brown sugar and salted caramel. Those ingredients combined with the RUFFINO make for a bite that you’ve only dreamed about.


Prosecco pie, photo provided by RUFFINO


Arnold Wilkerson, Little Pie Company’s creator, said that he appreciated being able to experiment with ingredients. This pie has the “perfect balance between the prosecco, apple and salted caramel.” Each bite has a mouthwatering taste.

While prosecco has become more and more popular, pairing this sparkling wine with dessert is quite popular. The dry versions of prosecco make it a lovely pairing with a pie or fruit tart. With just a slight sweetness, it is a delightful beverage to sip any time of year.

This particular limited edition holiday pie is the first occasion to see prosecco included into a pie. While many libations are incorporated into desserts (think Baileys, bourbon and even wine), prosecco hadn’t made the list. Given the increased popularity of the style of sparkling wine, it was a natural progression.

The partnership between RUFFINO and Little Pie Company is smart. Little Pie Company has a legendary following. From celebrities like Oprah to foodies, this pie company understands flavors and has extreme attention to detail. For a “first” style of pie, it made sense to partner with a legend.

While the Prosecco Pie is available both in a 10-inch and personal five-inch pies, I would suggest ordering the personal pies. The smaller servings would be perfect for a holiday dessert table and as an individual dessert course.

Plus, I adore the idea of pairing the personal pies with mini bottles of RUFFINO. Wouldn’t you love to get this combination as a holiday gift?

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Don’t let the holidays pass without enjoying a bite of Prosecco pie. Grandma’s legendary, family recipe pie is always delicious, but this special pie might make that holiday meal a little more festive.

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