Winner Cake All review: Darci Lynne will birthday cake if she wants to


In this Winner Cake All review, Darci Lynn’s birthday cake is more than just a vanilla cake. These birthday cakes celebrate a cast of talented co-stars.

This week’s Winner Cake All review is celebrating a very special birthday. America’s Got Talent winner, Darci Lynne is celebrating her 14th birthday. While she might be having a sleepover with friends, this birthday celebration needs a fabulous cake. Since her celebration needs to include her stage partners, Petunia and Oscar, this birthday cake will surely be a star studded creation.

Before the client, Darci Lynne, is revealed to the bakers, the preliminary challenge needs to narrow the field down to three teams. For the cake topper challenge, the four teams of bakers need to create toy theme topper. While the bakers went in all different directions, the bakers seemed to forget a key component, working clean.

Looking at the four cake toppers, the most clean and visually interesting from a distance was Sharon and Matthew’s roller skate. While they had difficulty with other components (a skateboard and surf board didn’t make the display), their roller skate was impeccable. There was height, smart color choices and a lot of details.

While this team was honest about their missing components, they didn’t need to spill the beans. The display was effective with just the roller skate. Even Giada said, don’t tell anyone because no one would have noticed or missed the other pieces. Still, this team moved on to the next round.

Tracie and Iisha had the most innovative cake topper. Everyone knows those interactive bead toys. This display was most impressive because the beads actually moved. Additionally, this display had great height. While there were a few questions about the display, it was a huge hit because of the originality. This baking team moved on as well.

The bottom two teams had difficulty in execution. Julie and Tracy had a mini-baking experience topper. While the cake topper lacked height, the miniature details were quite cute. The display was like a scavenger hunt for the eyes.

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Unfortunately, the team sent home after the cake topper challenge was Melissa and Joyce. Although the musical cake topper was quite colorful, there were technical mistakes in the display. The seams were visible and it seemed to lack a little bit of polish.

Moving onto the main challenge in this Winner Cake All review,  the remaining bakers had to create a Darci Lynne’s 14th birthday cake. Darci requested that her two sidekicks, the puppets Petunia and Oscar, be featured in the cake. Additionally, her favorite flavors are vanilla and cookie dough. Lastly, if the bakers could combine Kit Kats into the cake, that would be amazing.

This birthday cake challenge as a tall order. Creating characters, especially, puppet characters, in such a short amount of time is hard. Finding the right scale, creating a strong structure and understanding time management were all key components to success.

Unfortunately, this week’s Winner Cake All review was riddled with missteps. While the bakers’ intentions were good, the structures weren’t sound and time management wasn’t good. Even though the bakers tried to save these mistakes, the outcome wasn’t as planned.

It is curious that this baking competition uses a warm tent as its setting. Cake decorating likes a controlled, cool area. Of course, any television set isn’t a bakery, but these bakers seem to be struggling in this particular setting. It will be curious to see if this theme continues throughout the rest of the Winner Cake All season.

Looking at the three final cakes, only one cake was without major mistakes. Sharon and Matthew’s cake, featuring Petunia and Oscar performing, was clearly the best cake. It didn’t have major flaws. Although the bows on the presents needed to be crisper, these items were small details compared to the other cakes.

The characters on this cake were lovely. From the sparkle on Oscar to the fur technique for Petunia, these characters had personality. Even more impressive was the choice to have edible curtains. Out of the three cakes, this birthday cake was clearly a leader.

Additionally, the birthday cake’s flavors were smart. Although the cake didn’t use actual Kit Kats, the chocolate ganache and the chocolate chips had qualities similar to the popular candy. Even though the cake could have used a bigger boost of flavor, overall it was successful.

Host Giada De Laurentiis with judges Yolanda Gampp, Zac Young, and Darci Lynne as they sample competitors Matthew Wohlkinger and Sharon Spradley’s cake, during the Cake Challenge, as seen on Winner Cake All, Season 1. photo provided by Food NetworkTracie and Iisha had a difficult challenge. While Petunia’s dress was pretty, her poor head toppled to the ground before judging. Cake structure can be fickle. Without enough support under the head, it was doomed to fall down.

It is disappointing that this team had structural issues. The flavor of their cake was delightful. Overall, the cake was tender and chewy.

Due to their structural issues, there was no way that Tracie and Iisha could win. Still, they didn’t shrink away from the issue. They presented their cake and took it like a champ.

Lastly, Julie and Tracy had a few issues, but were able to hide the mistakes. Originally, their plan was to make two full size characters on a platform. Time wasn’t on their side. They ended up putting Petunia’s head on Oscar’s body. With a good backstory, they were able to cover the mistake.

As for the cake itself, the texture of the cake was night. Unfortunately, combining Kit Kat and cookie dough into a frosting wasn’t a good choice. The flavors were too much. Darci Lynne would have preferred one over the other.

Since only one team had a successful cake, the winner bakers on this Winner Cake All review was Sharon and Matthew. Truthfully, this cake would have deserved to win even if the other bakers hadn’t made mistakes. It was the most creative birthday cake.

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