Best cities for vegetarians are filled with veggie friendly businesses


The best cities for vegetarians are scattered across the United States. While some obvious choices missed the top 10, a few cities are undiscovered gems.

What are the best cities for vegetarians? As more people adopt vegetarian or even flexitarian lifestyles, veggie friendly cities are becoming more popular. While meat lovers don’t need to shun these cities, the vegetable lovers can find more vegetarian friendly establishments in these particular cities.

In the recent survey by the Apartment Guide, the company determined the 10 best cities for vegetarians. Before reading this study, a few cities seemed likely for the list. Major metropolitan areas, like New York City or San Francisco, seemed like a strong contender. Instead, smaller cities topped this list.

This study focused on “the 10 best cities in America for vegetarians offer the most vegetarian, vegan and organic dining options per capita.” The clear statement is options. Whether people live a vegetarian, flexitarian or just want to try something vegetable forward, the key is to have options.

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No one wants to eat the same food or eat at the same restaurant time after time. The old saying is variety is the spice of life. In this case, variety fuels the vegetarian lifestyles in these studies.

The top 10 cities for vegetarians are:
10. Richmond, Virginia
9. Portland, Oregon
8. Orlando, Florida
7. Salt Lake City, Utah
6. Savannah, Georgia
5. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
4. Ann Arbor, Michigan
3. Boulder, Colorado
2. Berkeley, California
1. Charleston, South Carolina

A couple items are interesting about this list. First, college towns seem to dominate. This scenario could because a younger generation appreciates the vegetarian lifestyle. Could these students make a bigger impact on the food trends in general?

Second, a few trending foodie cities made the list. Pittsburg and Charleston have a bustling foodie scene. These cities could be appealing to the vegetable forward movement that more and more people are wanting.

Lastly, Orlando makes this vegetarian friendly list. With all the tourists visiting the theme parks and attractions, people are demanding these vegetarian options.

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What do you think of the best cities for vegetarians list? Do you know a great vegetarian restaurant that you could share with #FoodSided?