Winner Cake All episode recap: Broadway princesses sparkle


In this Winner Cake All episode recap, three Broadway princesses ask the talented bakers to bring the sparkle and surprise to a celebratory cake.

Broadway princesses represent all the sparkle and magic of an endearing fairy tale. In this Winner Cake All episode recap, the bakers must convey that princess perfection in a confectionery dream. Which bakers found a way to sparkle bright?

For many little girls, a princess is an iconic character. From Belle to Cinderella, these princesses have the beautiful gowns, fairy god mothers and sometimes a handsome prince ready to whisk them away. Still, these characters tend to represent more than that fairy tale story. They can spark a little princess pixie dust in everyone.

In the first challenge of this Winner Cake All episode recap, the bakers were inspired by classic fairy tales. These cake toppers needed to convey a fairy tale story. The most interesting part of this first challenge was the stories chosen by the bakers.

For this challenge, the bakers picked the following themes, frog prince, Thumbelina, Jack in the Beanstalk and Gingerbread man with sly fox. While one theme was a well-known, obvious choice, the other themes were a little surprising. Is gingerbread man your favorite fairy tale?

Overall, these cake toppers were quite good. While Leslie and Cathy had a mishap with isomalt, they recovered well. Although the numerous techniques were impressive, they needed a bit more detail in areas.

Clearly the most impressive cake topper was Joe and Marybeth’s Thumbelina. In that short amount of time, these bakers accomplished so much. It was a complete scene. While the judges thought that the bakers could have pulled back a little, it was quite successful.

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Unfortunately, the bakers sent home were Michael and Shane. While their Jack in the Beanstalk cake topper had height, the execution was flawed. The underlying structure was peeking through the modeling chocolate. Overall, it was a little sloppy and those missteps caused these bakers to be eliminated.

For the main challenge, the bakers were creating a celebratory cake for Broadway Princess Party. The cake is meant to represent the three original Broadway princesses (characters Belle, Cinderella and Jasmine). The cake needs to have lots of sparkle, because a princess can never have too much sparkle.

The cake’s flavor is to be chocolate with peanut butter. Additionally, there needs to be a surprise element. And, if possible, the princesses want their fairy god fairy to be included on the cake. What a princess wants, a princess shall get.

Princess themed cakes are very popular. So many little girls dream of channeling their favorite princess into their own inner princess. For this particular challenge, the bakers need to find something special for this cake. From channeling Broadway to capturing the “princess” mystique, the cake can’t be just a bunch of luster dust.

With the most creative approach to the theme, Makenzie and Lindsay earned that title. Their cake featured a pink “big” apple with a NYC taxi carriage. While the idea was creative, the pink apple was a little off. The shape wasn’t really apple-like. In truth, it looked more like a princess skirt.

The use of the NYC taxi carriage and wand topper was a nice nod to the princesses. Still, the cake seemed to be lacking a little sparkle. While all the princesses were represented through jewels, the cake was a little busy, not glittery.

As for the cake flavor, the cookies and queen didn’t quite deliver on flavor. A cookies and cream flavor needs crunch and texture. These items were missing. While a good cake, it wasn’t a royally great cake.

Joe and Marybeth definitely brought the sparkle and shine to the competition. With a whole cake layer covered in glitter dust, this cake stood out. Although all the princesses and fairy god fairy were represented on the cake, the judges thought that the figures were too cartoon-like. The princesses were missing a little of the “pretty.”

The flavor of the cake won over the judges. This old school cake recipe, which was actually vegan, delivered on flavor and texture. The super moist cake was a hit. Plus, the salted caramel princess pearls achieved that surprise element.

The last cake, by Leslie and Kathy, was easily the most visually impressive. A huge princess holding the fairy god fairy almost didn’t look real. It was a sculpting wow factor.

While the visuals were impressive, the cake needed a few more layers. The almost equal parts cake to filling wasn’t quite the right ratio. If the filling was matched with more layers, the cake would have been even better.

The princess cake that they judges chose as the Winner Cake All winner was Leslie and Kathy. This cake seemed to move the judges the most. Truthfully, the facial sculpture on this cake was quite impressive. It was visually stunning.

But, the colors on this cake and even the facial expressions seemed more fairy-like than princess. It felt like a character from the forest or magical game, not an iconic princess. The color scheme, blues and purples, and the wings on the fairy god fairy, added to that notion. Personally, this cake wasn’t my choice.

I would have given the win to Joe and Marybeth in this Winner Cake All episode review. Their cake with all the princesses and an audience member princess topper embodied what princesses should be. Everyone has a little princess inside of herself. It isn’t about who is the prettiest or most popular. It is about finding that little bit of spark that makes her special. This cake captured that ideal.

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What did you think of this Winner Cake All episode review? Did the judges get the winner right or wrong?