How can you score a Burger King Mystery Box?


Did you hear that there is a Burger King Mystery Box? Ahead of the brand’s anticipated return to the Big Game, you could unravel this big mystery.

Does a Burger King Mystery Box peak your interest? To build some excitement behind Burger King’s return to Super Bowl commercials, the brand partnered with DoorDash and is offering fans a chance at a special mystery box. What could this mysterious box hold?

Burger King just released this YouTube video teaser.

While the video doesn’t give a lot of details regarding this special mystery box, a few details on the site shed some light on how to score your mystery box. Still, there is much intrigue regarding this special offer.

The brands commented that this “Mystery Box” is available via DoorDash by using the promo code MYSTERYBOX. It is available on orders of $10 or more. “Then wait for your Mystery Box to arrive at the comfort of your home with instructions to follow – keep the content of the Mystery Box till game day.”

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The big question that everyone wants to know, what is in the Mystery Box? Now, everyone is supposed to keep the box till game day (being Super Bowl Sunday, February 3). In that case, the box’s contents can’t be perishable.

According to Christopher Payne, DoorDash Chief Operating Officer, “this limited-edition Mystery Box creates a unique, engaging and innovative experience. Given this statement, it is something that people can play with, have fun with and will be talking about after the Big Game.

An item in the mystery box could be special “King” crowns. Maybe everyone will want to look like the King himself. Who didn’t love those crowns on your birthday? Although some people find the King a little creepy, he is a memorable character.

Looking back to 2005, the Burger King Super Bowl commercial focused on having it “your way.” While commercial with the Whopperettes doesn’t make sense for a mystery box, it is a rather amusing commercial. Could the “have it your way” concept make a return? That commercial isn’t as scary as the Nightmare King for Halloween.

No matter what is in the mystery box, big Burger King fans will want one. While it isn’t difficult to order one, it can be hard keeping it sealed until February 3.

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What do you think is in the Burger King Mystery Box? If you order one, we want to know.