Could Sour Patch Conversation Hearts candy save Valentine’s Day?


Valentine’s Day could be saved thanks to Sour Patch. Could this version of Conversation Hearts candy be the ultimate salvation?

Everyone has heard about the missing SweetHearts Conversation Hearts for Valentine’s Day. After searching the candy aisle for Valentine’s Day options, Sour Patch could be the Valentine’s Day savior. The favorite sour candy has their own version of conversational hearts.

Available at Walmart, the Sour Patch conversational hearts are a great substitution for those old school, chalky version. Luckily this Valentine’s Day candy has all that Sour Patch flavor that candy fans crave. Plus, they are shaped like little hearts.

With the original SweetHearts Conversational Hearts unavailable this year, this Valentine’s Day candy is a great substitution. Not everyone is a chocolate fan. This candy could be the surprise hit of the season.

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Since Sour Patch appeals to a younger audience, the sayings on these hearts are a little more current. These updated sayings are used more frequently than “Be Mine.” From “friend zone” to “bae,” these conversational hearts could just be the salvation for Valentine’s Day this year.

Sour candy is becoming more and more popular. Combining this classic candy with a more modern flavor is a nice blend of current and nostalgic. While food trends are always changing, it can be refreshing to see that classics stand the test of time.

Recently, Sour Patch seems to be popping up everywhere. At Walmart, Sour Patch cereal has hit store shelves. The cereal has the classic “kid” shape. Each bite has a sour, yet sugary coating. While the sour tastes hits first, the final note is sweet. The cereal is said to convey that classic Sour Patch taste.

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Is Valentine’s Day saved thanks to Sour Patch Conversational Hearts? It seems that the love affair with this classic candy isn’t necessarily over.