Family Food Showdown, Food Network celebrates families cooking together


Family Food Showdown is the newest cooking competition coming to the Food Network. Will this food TV show create chaos or camaraderie in the kitchen?

Family Food Showdown is the newest food TV show coming to the Food Network. Set to premiere on Sunday, March 3, the cooking competition show hosted by Valerie Bertinelli looks to celebrate families who cook together. While it is a competition, could this food TV show spark some cooking creativity in your home?

Many families have recipes, food traditions and food celebrations that have been passed down through generations. It could be grandma’s Italian gravy or maybe it is that perfect chocolate cake recipe. Cooking as a family creates memories that last long after the dishes are washed and put away.

In this new Food Network show, Family Food Showdown, this cooking competition is more than just determining the ultimate dish. According to Courtney White, President, Food Network, “Family Food Showdown has all the ingredients to captivate audiences with tension and unpredictable twists, mixed with family heritage and tradition, and even some comedic relief, as the families cook together on the clock in a high-stakes showdown.”

Host Valerie Bertinelli introduces the first round, Family Chicken Dinner to the Bruellman Family, Andrew, Shon, and Julie and the Kazmi Family, Toqeer, Mohsin, and Katlin, as seen on Family Food Showdown, Season 1. photo provided by Food Network

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That sentiment celebrates the idea of cooking as a family. Sometimes the cooking experience is just as important as the final result. Sure, the food needs to be tasty, but the journey is important, too. Those traditional recipes came from years of trial and error. All the love and effort comes through in every bite.

Each episode features various competitions. From working as a family to eliminating family members on each team, the cooking competition should create some great food TV. Would you want to tell grandma that she isn’t cooking in the final round? That choice could create some tension at the next family dinner.

With various celebrity chefs as judges, this Food Network show should be quite entertaining. More importantly, it could spark some cooking creativity and family bonding for Food Network fans. Could your family recreate that amazing taco fiesta? Maybe your family could be inspired by that leftovers recipe.

While many people look at Instagram or food television with food envy, this show could celebrate cooking reality. Not everyone plates dinner with tweezers or has a recipe with 30 ingredients. Good food comes from the heart and that food needs to be celebrated.

Food Family Showdown premieres on Sunday, March 3 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on the Food Network.

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Will you be watching? More importantly, will you start cooking more with your family because of this Food Network show?