Winner Cake All celebrates Guy’s Grocery Games 250 episode


Winner Cake All celebrates the Food Network’s Guy’s Grocery Games 250 episode. Are these cakes worthy of Flavor Town market?

In honor of Food Network’s Guy’s Grocery Games 250 episode, the bakers on Winner Cake All had to stock their cakes, and carts, for success. Which cake showcased more than just fun and games on this episode of Winner Cake All?

To build some excitement into the first season of Winner Cake All, this cross over episode with Guy’s Grocery Games was a great choice. Guy’s Grocery Games is a huge hit with Food Network fans. From the crazy games to Guy Fieri’s big personality, these cakes needed to be larger than life.

Before finding out their VIP client, the four baking teams had to take on the Cake Decoration Challenge. The theme for the first challenge was the “ultimate feast.” This theme is incredibly broad. One person’s feast could be another person’s Tuesday dinner. Everything is about perception.

Host Giada De Laurentiis with Aarti Sequeira and Hunter Fieri during the Cake Challenge, as seen on Winner Cake All, Season 1. photo provided by Food Network

The most successful cake decoration was Judi and Savanna’s ultimate breakfast feast. With pancakes, bacon, donuts and coffee, this cake decoration had it all. While the judges did take issue with some small details, it was clearly a top choice. In comparison to the other bakers, this cake decoration definitely earned them a spot in the second round.

Another top choice was Sherry and Sally’s Mexican fiesta. Overall the cake decoration had amazing texture from all the elements. While the sombrero needed to be a little bigger, the 360 degree display was smart.

Andrea and Shannon’s cake decoration had some issues. While the story of Grandma’s Sunday dinner was nice, the display wasn’t cohesive. Some elements were realistic and others were cartoon-like. Still, their fried chicken pieces were amazing.

Stephen and Andrew had a heartfelt story relating to their engagement, but the display didn’t look like a feast. One of the judges described the display as a sad lunch, not a feast. While parts were well done, the cake decoration needed more details. Since their feast was more like a Wednesday’s lunch, Stephen and Andrew were sent home.

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Going into the main challenge, the three baking teams learned their VIP client, Guy Fieri, and the theme, the 250 episode of Guy’s Grocery Games. To be successful in this challenge, the cakes needed to incorporate classic Triple G games, like kiddie cart and food pyramid. While it might not be a big bite, it was a huge undertaking.

As for the flavor of the cake, the combination was a little unusual. Like many chefs, Guy isn’t necessarily a huge “sweets” person. The flavors of this cake needed to include coffee and raspberries. Additionally, a textural element would be a smart addition.

For this episode, it was great to see a cake flavor other than chocolate. While coffee and raspberry aren’t common flavor combinations, it was possible. Actually, one baking team found a way to incorporate all three elements in a smart, tasty bite.

Being successful in Winner Cake All isn’t just nailing one element. Sometimes the best cake or the best decoration doesn’t win. The baking teams needs to do both elements well in order to win. A falling cake won’t win even if the cake itself is the best bite of the day.

Another cake tragedy happened on this Winner Cake All episode. Judi and Shannon made a mistake in stacking their cakes. The main part of their cake, the grocery cart, tumbled and broke apart. They knew it was going to happen because the cake didn’t have an internal structure.

If it wasn’t for this cake disaster, they would have easily won this episode. The cake’s flavor, dark chocolate cake with fresh raspberries, was everyone’s favorite. But, the flavor could not save a crumbling display.

For the brightest, most detailed display, Andrea and Shannon earned this distinction. It was very clear that this baking team was a fan of the show. The use of the clock, showing 250, was super smart.

Unfortunately, Andrea and Shannon had a cake that was too dense. The judges commented that Guy wouldn’t like the cake at all. While the cake had lots of coffee flavor, the raspberry was lost. Still, the dense qualities created the biggest issues.

Lastly, Sherry and Sally had a good display and a tasty cake. While not necessarily the best in either category, they did manage to succeed in both aspects. After having to redesign the cake due to technical issues, they were able to make a fun display. Even though it wasn’t perfection it was good.

The cake’s flavor delivered big on texture. The chocolate covered cocoa nibs were incredibly smart for both texture and flavor. The crunch and the slight bitterness played off the sweet notes of the cake. Although it didn’t have fruit, the cake was overall successful.

Since their cake didn’t have huge fails, Sherry and Sally won this week’s Winner Cake All celebration Guy’s Grocery Games 250 episode.

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Did you agree with the judges? Personally, I would have picked flavor over display. That crumbling cake could have become part of a 250 episode challenge. Wouldn’t that idea have thrown the chefs for a loop.

Winner Cake All airs on Food Network on Monday nights at 10 p.m.