Jessie James Decker has a tasty food secret to staying lean and fit


Ever wonder what Jessie James Decker grabs for a quick, easy snack? This tasty food secret could be your new favorite snack.

Jessie James Decker leads an amazing life. The singer, songwriter and cookbook author, who happens to be a wife and mother of three, can have a busy schedule. Like many of us, a convenient snack can keep her energy going through all those activities. But, that snack shouldn’t derail healthy eating choices. Her go to snack is a tasty food secret that many people enjoy, too.

Everyone has a favorite snack. Whether that snack sparks a memory, has a special flavor or just brings joy, that snack will always be found in a person’s pantry, kitchen or even purse. For Decker, her go to snack is Jack Link’s jerky.

When I was approached about this interview, I was a little surprised. Looking at the fabulous Decker, I never would have guessed that she was a jerky fan. Somehow, I had the misconceived notion that she must only snack on kale chips. I was terribly misguided.

In my recent interview with Jessie James Decker, my very first question was about her partnership with Jack Link’s jerky and its line of protein snacks. While she laughed, the reason was real. As a Southern girl, she grew up eating jerky. She specifically said, if you opened her purse, you would find jerky. It is a Southern girl thing; everyone eats jerky.

– Nashville, TN – 01/24/2019 – While at her Nashville home on January 23, 2019, country star and mother of three, Jessie James Decker, turns to protein-packed, 100 percent beef Jack Link`s jerky and steak bars to power through her busy schedule.

-PICTURED: Jessie James Decker

-PHOTO by: John Williams/

photo provided by Jack Links

Beyond the “Southern tradition,” Decker enjoys Jack Link’s Jerky. From the flavor to the convenience, jerky remains one of her go to snacks.

Now, as a busy entrepreneur and mother, Jack Link’s Jerky is her purse. Actually, she has even added it to her rider on her upcoming tour. She enjoys the taste, and, more importantly, the protein fuels her busy lifestyle.

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Everyone and every body are built differently. It is one of the reasons why there are so many different lifestyle eating options. What works for one person, may not work for another person.

Beyond growing up with jerky and enjoying the taste, I asked Decker why she chooses a protein dense snack. For her body and lifestyle, she knows that she needs protein to keep her lean and fit. It fuels her lifestyle and keeps her energized.

Jerky, like the Jack Link’s jerky line, offers a wide variety of protein dense snacks. From the newer steak varieties to the classic jerky, like teriyaki flavored, or even the breakfast sausage options, there is a jerky for everyone’s flavor preference and a variety to avoid boredom.

Decker said that she eats meat every day. For her well-being, she eats between 55-75 grams of protein a day. While protein fuels her, she tries to eat clean, too. Growing up, her mom didn’t really allow fast food. She grew up with the delicious home cooked meals and the comfort that those meals created.

Many of the eating choices that her mom stressed have stuck with Decker through today. From avoiding soda to home cooked meals, she focuses on these ideals in her own family. While there are cheat days at Chick-fil-A, the overall focus is smart choices.

Looking a Decker’s cookbooks and recipes, many of popular dishes balance family favorites with smart eating choices. Always with a big hefty serving of protein, these satisfy with every bite. In her next cookbook, fans should expect even more family friendly recipes, lots of variety and food choices that work within a fit lifestyle.

While a protein rich diet works for her, she understands that everyone is different. Decker mentioned a recent conversation with a friend who is vegan. For her friend, that lifestyle choice works. For Decker, a life without meat wouldn’t work. Her lean, fit body excels with a protein rich diet.

As Decker heads out on her multi-city tour this Spring, she will be bringing her family along for many of the dates. She is exited to kick off the tour in Denver on April 12 (her birthday). The sold out show will certainly be a wonderful celebration. Of course, there will be plenty of Jack Link’s jerky, per her rider.

A huge thank you to Jessie James Decker for taking the time to speak with me. Also, I would like to thank Jack Link’s jerky for making this interview possible.

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Could a protein rich diet become your secret to be fit and lean? This lifestyle is Jessie James Decker’s tasty food secret and it could be yours, too.