Last minute Easter basket ideas: What should the bunny bring?


Did the Easter bunny get busy this week? Luckily these last minute Easter basket ideas will have every hoppy and happy this weekend.

Need some last minute Easter basket ideas? With a few creative ideas, the Easter bunny will be hopping to the rescue. Time to start thinking and planning.

While Easter candy is plentiful, the choices can be overly abundant. From jelly beans to the always popular Reese’s eggs, candy is just the starting point for that basket. There are many candy options.

If you are looking for some last minutes ideas and the Easter aisle is looking a little sparse, think of other candy choices. For example, a few packages of the super flavor HI-CHEW candies are a great choice.

The popular Japanese candy, HI-CHEW offers real fruit flavors. From traditional flavors like grape or banana to new flavors like Acai or a tropical mix, these candies can make a colorful addition to any basket.

If you are looking to keep to the egg theme, Kinder Joy can be a great option. While not Easter candy per se, it is shaped like an egg. More importantly, that creamy chocolate and crunchy wafer come with a toy, too. It is like two treats in one.

Kinder Joy is perfect for Easter, photo provided by Kinder Joy

For a non-candy treat, but with an egg theme, consider Cheetos Double Cheddar Eggs. Can anyone really resist Cheetos? These egg-shaped snacks are perfect for Easter (or anytime, really). It adds a little snacking fun. Plus, some people prefer savory to sweet.

The Cheetos eggs come in two flavors. There is a classic Cheetos cheese flavor Also, there is caramel flavor. A great option would be to buy one of each and make a “Chicago mix” Cheetos blend. It could become your new snack obsession.

If you really set on having Easter theme candies, of course Reese’s has tons of options. Those delicious eggs seem to be everyone’s favorite choice. Or, Cadbury has tons of popular candies. From the iconic egg to the new Shimmer eggs, these are always good choices.

Another fun option is the Shell Smashers candies. Available in a couple varieties like SNICKERS, M&M and TWIX, the hollow chocolate egg is filled with more candy. Plus, with this option, it is another treat in a treat.

In truth, last minute Easter basket ideas don’t have to be complicated. Any special treat or gift should be celebrated in the spirit that it was given.

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Are you celebrating Easter? What are you putting in those Easter baskets?