Taste the tropics: HI-CHEW new tropical flavors are a flavor explosion


Tropical flavors bring memories of beach getaways and sunny days. HI-CHEW has new flavors that are exploding with exuberant flavor.

Candy flavors are never meant to be boring, tired or mundane. Tropical flavors are quickly becoming a favorite with candy fans. Luckily, HI-CHEW, the intensely chewy candy, is giving fans what they want with the new Acai and Tropical Mix candies.

When it comes to candy, consumers want real, bold flavor. Long gone are the days of a big sugar rush. Today, candy fans want their sweet treats to taste like other foods that they love. From their flavors in their favorite breakfast bowl to the tastes from their last vacation, candy flavor needs to live up to the real fruit flavor.

HI-CHEW took these specifics into consideration when launching their new flavors. The Acai and Tropical Mix candies are a reflection of both flavor trends and consumers wants. According to Norio Otsuki, Chief Operating Officer of Morinaga America, Inc. “The new Acai flavor and Tropical Mix assortment…provide an exciting mix of sensationally vibrant tastes to enjoy all year long.”

HI-CHEW new tropical flavors, photo provided by HI-CHEW

What sets this candy apart is the use of real fruit juices and purees. With these ingredients, the fruit flavor is quite pronounced, which is why it tastes so good. For the fruit flavor fan, these candies are a delightful treat.

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Recently, I had the opportunity to try both the Acai and Tropical Mix candies. Since I love a good Acai bowl, I was curious if these candies would bring the berry sweetness. These candies offer the right amount of sweetness without becoming overpowering. With real chia seeds in the candy, the candy made me feel less guilty that I ate almost half of the package. To me, it was like my favorite bowl, but with a little guilty pleasure.

The Tropical Mix contains kiwi, pineapple and mango. Out of these three flavors, the pineapple was my favorite. This flavor is new to the line. The pineapple was sweet but not overpowering. Combining that flavor with the other ones, the mix offers good balance of sweet and tart. I might be combining these flavors into my next candy cocktail for a summer party.

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The HI-CHEW new tropical flavors are available in stores now. Are you ready to send your taste buds on a trip to the tropics?