Game of Thrones characters paired with pizza toppings, if they ate pizza


Have you ever wondered which pizza toppings certain Game of Thrones characters would order? Well, it is time to ponder that question.

Sadly, Game of Thrones is coming to an end. Instead of crying into your MTN DEW or stuffing yourself with OREOS, here’s another food related question to ponder. What pizza would your favorite GOT characters order?

First, there isn’t pizza in Westeros. While there might be an errant coffee cup, a NY slice or some Chicago deep dish shouldn’t be found on the table in the final episode.

Since so many people don’t want to see their beloved characters and story lines end, people are finding ways to keep the GOT legacy alive. Slice, the online pizza ordering app, decided to determine pizza toppings and styles that would be preferred by some popular GOT characters.

Now, pizza can be a very personal, sometimes divisive, topic. If you have ever tried to convince a NY slice fan that deep dish isn’t a heaping serving of crust, you know that opinions and beliefs run deep. The same can be said about toppings, sauce and, on occasion, how to eat a slice.

Slice’s list is rather comprehensive, they give some legitimate reasons for their choices. Still, this list will definitely get some people to disagree.

Detroit Style pizza, photo provided by Slice

Here’s Slice’s choices for Game of Thrones characters and their pizza pairings.

"•Daenerys Targaryen – Hot and Spicy Jalapeno – She may be unscorched, but how about you?•Jon Snow – Stuffed Crust – Unassuming in appearance yet offering more substance than meets the eye, and a surprisingly strong claim to the title of best pizza.•Arya Stark – Supreme – Let’s all salute the G.O.A.T. of GoT.•Sansa Stark – Classic Sicilian – A hearty, strong, and responsible red pizza to get you through a harsh winter.•Cersei Lannister – Calzone – A hard exterior, with a mix of crazy on the inside. She does it her way.•Samwell Tarly – Pineapple – Very sweet, and people tend to love him or hate him.•Bran Stark – Gluten Free – Unconventional and often confusing, but necessary to a lot of people.•Sandor Clegane (The Hound) – Wood Fired – A little charred, but has stood the test of time.•Jaime Lannister – Caviar Pizza – Needlessly fancy.•Tyrion Lannister – Vodka Sauce – A little booze with dinner never hurt anyone.•Euron Greyjoy – Anchovy – Salty, with fishy motives. An acquired taste.•Grey Worm – Veggie – No sausage, but still a crowd pleaser."

Now, a few choices are rather obvious. Of course, Arya Stark would be a Supreme. Who would argue that designation?

A few other pizza pairings are a little confusing. Has anyone really ordered a caviar pizza? It doesn’t matter who you are, that pizza is probably ordered by very few people, imaginary world or not.

One funny choice is Samwell Tarly and pineapple. Everyone knows how divisive pineapple pizza is. It is even surprising that it made this list.

Of course, this list is meant to be entertaining. It is just one group’s opinion. Agree, disagree or just grab another GOT beer and re-watch last week’s episode.

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What do you think of this Game of Thrones and pizza pairing? Has the GOT tie-ins gone too far?