The best pizza restaurant in America isn’t located where you think


Where’s best pizza restaurant in America? While New York and Chicago have a heated pizza debate, neither city tops this annual list.

What is the best pizza restaurant in America? Although everyone has a favorite pizza topping, pizza style and even a regional favorite, Trip Advisor has determined the best pizza restaurant in America. Although many people believe that their local pizza joint is the best, this one restaurant ranked highest with Trip Advisor contributors.

According to Trip Advisor, the top ranked pizza restaurant is Regina Pizzeria in Boston, Massachusetts. This restaurant has been around since 1926. This Little Italy restaurant is known for its brick oven, thin crust pizza is often referred to Boston’s original pizza. Using fresh, local ingredients, spicy sauce and salty cheese makes for a perfect bite.

It is curious that this pizza tops the best pizza list. This type of pizza is old school Italian that is reminiscent of Naples style pizza. It could be the crust or it could be the ingredients. Still, it isn’t the typical style of pizza that many people love.

Best Regional Pizzas, Chicago Deep Dish, photo provided by Slice

Usually, the most popular pizza styles are New York Style and Chicago Deep Dish. While a hotly debated topic, these styles often top best of lists. In this Trip Advisor list, Chicago doesn’t even make the top ten pizza restaurants. Has everyone changed their opinions on pizza?

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One of the more interesting aspects to this list is that Nashville holds two spots. While New York’s two spots seem logical, who knew that Nashville was such a hot spot for pizza? If the topic was Hot Chicken, Southern food or even barbecue, Nashville would definitely be at the forefront of the conversation. Apparently, pizza is just as popular, and delicious, in the Southern city.

The biggest takeaway from this list is that all the top ten pizza restaurants focus on making delicious pizza. Whether it is a recipe handed down through generations or fresh, local ingredients, each pizza is made with care. A taste of these homemade sauces and crispy crusts, pizza fans just can’t get enough.

While some people might not travel across the country to enjoy these best pizzas, one message is clear from this list. Local pizza restaurants can offer delicious food. Maybe next time when you are traveling, try a local pizza restaurant. Although national chain restaurants are always consistent, these local establishments can offer a unique flavor and flare that could be your best bite on that trip.

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