Taco Bell Hotel? A Tacoasis waiting for taco fans in Palm Springs


Could your Taco Bell fantasies become a reality? Palm Springs will host a  Tacoasis making taco fans dreams come true from check in to check out.

Do you dream of Nacho Fries and unlimited hot sauce packets? A Taco Bell Hotel is set to open in Palm Springs later this summer. Who is ready to check into the ultimate taco destination?

Themed hotels aren’t necessarily a new concept. From the upcoming Star Wars hotels at Disney to the new TWA Hotel, giving fans a fully immersive experience is becoming the new hotel norm. Food is part of pop culture, especially the iconic taco fast food restaurant.

Over the years, Taco Bell has offered fun, immersive experiences for fans. From pop-up experiences at San Diego Comic Con to even the Taco Bell Cantina, the brand is always looking for new, innovative ways to give its fans a bigger, bolder experience.

Additionally, the brand has grown and adapted to food trends. From embracing the flexitarian lifestyle with more vegetarian options to bringing back favorites like Nacho Fries, Taco Bell understands that its fans drive its success. Given the brand loyalty, this hotel experience will definitely be a soon-to-be sold out event.

Named The Bell: A Taco Bell Resort and Hotel, this experience is inspired by tacos and it for the ultimate Taco Bell fan. From the décor to the menus, tacos will be the focus. While there might not be hot sauce dispensed in the shower, there might be some taco-tastic amenities.

According to Taco Bell’s Chief Global Brand Officer Marisa Thalberg, “The Bell stands to be the biggest expression of the Taco Bell lifestyle to date. It will be fun, colorful, flavorful and filled with more than what our fans might expect.”

Additional details about this special hotel will be coming. Apparently, it will be open to guests 18 and older. Also, reservations begin in June and the hotel officially opens August 9 for a limited time.

Personally, this taco themed hotel needs to go big without going tacky. After all, the hotel is located in Palm Springs, which is boasts some rather stylish properties. The balance between chic and kitschy is key. Of course, there needs to be brand identity, but it doesn’t need to be overstated.

Also, it would be nice if Taco Bell shares some of its special menu items with fans after this experience closes. With just a limited run and availability, not everyone will be able to get a reservation. Still, wouldn’t you like to mix up that special cocktail at your pool-side oasis while chowing down with a party pack?

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Are you ready to book a room at The Bell: A Taco Bell Resort and Hotel? Wonder if there will be hot sauce packets on the pillows as part of the nightly turn down service.