Pizza Hut brings back Cheesy Bites Pizza for the tastiest summer ever


Summer is even tastier with Pizza Hut bringing back Cheesy Bites Pizza. Who is ready to pull, dip and pop your way to cheesy pizza goodness?

Pizza Hut Cheesy Bites Pizza is the ultimate pizza for summer fun. Since summer time is always about doing more, going bigger and having more fun, the Cheesy Bites Pizza is the ultimate pizza indulgence. The only question is do you eat the crust first or last?

If you aren’t familiar, Cheesy Bites Pizza has a non-traditional pizza crust. Instead of the regular crust edge, cheesy bite surround the pizza. With 28 cheese-filled bites, it is the ultimate indulgence for cheese lovers and pizza fans. But, will you be able to share?

According to Marianne Radley, chief brand officer, Pizza Hut, the Cheese Bites Pizza is “pizza meets party with this all-time fan favorite, which lets you and your friends soak up some much-needed Vitamin Cheese all summer long.”

During the summer time, it just seems that people are wanting more snacks, eat more and just seem always hungry. It could be that the kids are out of school, people are more active or the heat just makes everyone hungry. No matter the reason, having food that is fun and easy is essential.

Cheesy Bites Pizza is back, photo provided by Pizza Hut

Plus, the Cheesy Bites Pizza is fun to eat. There is something very satisfying about ripping off the crust of each slice. Maybe it is just the feeling of getting a little extra with your meal.

With the return of this menu item, Pizza Hut continues to listen to its fans. From the return of the P’Zone to the NFL activations, the iconic pizza brand strives to give fans more. With each promotion, the brand is building an even stronger, loyal following.

If you are excited about the return of the Cheesy Bites Pizza, you better hurry and order some quickly. The special pizza will only be around for a limited time.

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What’s your favorite Pizza Hut pizza? If you order the Cheesy Bites Pizza, will you share some with a friend?