7 Worst theme park foods that you should never order

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A visit to a theme park can be magical, but do you know the worst theme park foods that you should never order during your visit?

With so many delicious food choices at theme parks, why should you fill your belly with the worst theme park food choices? From the beautiful Instagram shots of perfect desserts to over-indulgent food mash-ups, theme park food has come a long way. Still, a few food choices should be passed over.

In some ways, theme park food represents many food trends. For example, vegetarian and vegan options are on the rise thanks to the flexitarian lifestyle. While Impossible Burger and Beyond Burger might not be everywhere, there are many more options than just a plain, boring salad.

Additionally, many theme parks offer all types of special, limited edition themed foods. These brightly colored, picture perfect foods fill your Instagram feeds. Who hasn’t had their mouth water at those Disney desserts or that frozen Butterbeer?

As all those tempting treats await, there are several foods that never seem to measure option. Since there are so many other delectable options, why waste your calories on boring, bland and bad food.

Here are FoodSided’s worst theme park foods to avoid on your next visit.