Is Worst Bakers in America better food TV than Nailed It?


Food Network brings back Worst Bakers in America for a new season. But, is this worst baking show better than Nailed It?

Ready for cake-wrecks and cookie-fails? Worst Bakers in America returns to Food Network for a new season. While Jason Smith and Lorraine Pascale look to whip these bakers into shape, will this new baking competition top the epic fails of Nailed It?

Food fans often enjoy watching the epic fails in some of the Worst Cooks series. From the inability to hold a knife to setting food on fire, the wrongs are often more fun to watch than the rights. Yes, the fail can be more celebrated than the triumphant.

That scenario is why a show like Nailed It has legions of fans. While everyone has those grandiose baking fantasies, reality is vastly different. Sorry, but without some real, tangible baking training, you will not be able to create that Pinterest perfect cake into reality.

Worst Cooks in America isn’t about celebrating the fail (although the fails are amusing), this show wants to show the transition. It shows that with a desire to learn can make anyone a better baker. While these people might not become the next Dominique Ansel, they can become a better home baker.

After last season’s recap on July 15, the new season of Worst Bakers in America begins on July 22. The five-week baking course will not be a cake walk for these recruits. Challenges this season include mirror-glazed cakes, pate a choux pastries and 3-D animal cakes.

One of the big draws of this Food Network show will surely be Jason Smith. The Holiday Baking Champion and Next Food Network Star winner has a strong fan base. From his ability to craft a phrase to his vivacious personality, Smith is definitely entertaining.

Also, Smith should be able to guide these recruits through the process. As a home cook turned Food Network personality, he understands the pressures and positives from doing well in a food competition. The relatable factor keeps viewers tuning in every week.

Worst Bakers in America debuts on the Food Network Monday, July 22 at 10 p.m. ET. The season finale airs on Monday, August 19.

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Will you be watching Worst Bakers in America? Do you think that it will be more entertaining than Nailed It?