Carvel, the original soft serve ice cream, celebrates National Ice Cream Day


Carvel and National Ice Cream Day are the perfect pairing. Why not grab a friend and enjoy the tasty BOGO offer on July 21.

Did you know that Carvel is the original soft serve ice cream? That’s right, the brand’s founder, Tom Carvel invented that luscious, softer ice cream way back in the early 1900s. What started as circumstances, melting ice cream, became America’s Freshest Ice Cream.

On July 21, everyone celebrates National Ice Cream Day. It is the perfect excuse to enjoy an extra cone, cup or shake on this food holiday. While mom might not want you to have ice cream for breakfast, it might be possible to convince her to have a little extra treat on this special day.

Since Carvel is an iconic ice cream brand, it is celebrating the ice cream holiday in a big fashion. All full service locations will be offering a buy one get one free offer. The BOGO is available from open to close at participating locations. Guests can choose from a free cone or cup of the iconic soft serve ice cream.

With all the flavors available, guests might have difficulty narrowing down the options. Of course, the legacy twist is a lovely homage to the brand’s founder. The classic vanilla and chocolate combination is always a favorite.

For a more adventurous flavor, the limited time Snickers flavor rise to the top. The classic candy bar is blended into the creamy soft serve. It will definitely keep the hangry away.

Of course, the flavors in each shoppe will vary. While the classics will always be available, some of the specialty flavors, like chocolate hazelnut or pistachio might not be at your local store. It is best to wait till your arrive at your local store to decide on a particular flavor.

While classic flavors are always a great choice, Carvel is always looking to innovate. By adding Raspberry Sorbet, this flavor is the brand’s first non-dairy, vegan frozen treat. With the popularity of flexitarian and plant-based lifestyles growing, it is smart for the brand to ensure everyone can enjoy some frozen treats.

Don’t forget to celebrate National Ice Cream Day with a friend this year. With the BOGO Carvel offer, it is a perfect reason to take a little time to reconnect over some the original soft serve ice cream.

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