Boozy ice cream treats, the adult way to celebrate National Ice Cream Day


Sorry kids, but these boozy ice cream treats are just for the adults. Shouldn’t everyone have a special way to celebrate National Ice Cream Day?

Have you had some boozy ice cream treats? In some ways, these tasty creations are a fun way for adults to feel like a kid again. Doesn’t everyone deserve a little food fun?

From your local grocery store to special shops to even your own kitchen, there are many options to indulge in some boozy ice cream treats. Usually, these tasty spoonfuls are more about enjoying the flavor, not about over-indulgence.

Just like any other ingredient, a touch of alcohol can completely change that traditional vanilla ice cream. From adding a shot of Kalula for a hint of coffee to mixing in some Malibu rum for a warm, spiced flavor, the options are many. These additions can make you rethink ice cream and the possibilities that it holds.

Earlier this year, Haagen-Dazs launched its spirits collection. Available in the grocery store, these ice creams are a great example of alcohol as flavor. With the same alcohol content as a non-alcoholic beer, these ice creams are quite tasty.

With a variety of flavors, there is an option that will satisfy everyone’s cravings. FoodSided recommends the Bourbon Vanilla Bean Truffle. It is the right balance of sweet, rich and totally delicious.

If you are lucky enough to live in New York City, Tipsy Spoon is the adult ice cream that is definitely worth exploring. The artisanal ice cream is made in small batches, contains premium spirits and is up to “5% alcohol by volume.”

Since Tipsy Spoons uses seasonal and local ingredients, the perfect treat for National Ice Cream Day is the Malibu Piña & Chill.

In partnership with Malibu Rum, this ice blends coconut and pineapple flavors that make it perfectly refreshing on a hot day. Why use a straw to enjoy a Piña Colada like treat, when a spoon is much more convenient.

Malibu Piña & Chill, which is vegan-friendly, will be available through September 2.

Vanilla Rootbeer milkshake, photo provided by New Amsterdam

Lastly, if you are looking to create a boozy ice cream treat at home, why not make a boozy milkshake or float. It is probably one of the easiest ways to turn your favorite ice cream into something with a little more kick.

This recipe, provided by New Amsterdam Vodka, takes the classic rootbeer float and makes is a tasty, sweet cocktail. Are you ready to sip on one?

Here’s how to make a New Amsterdam Vanilla Rootbeer Float.

"New Amsterdam Vanilla Rootbeer FloatIngredients:1.5 oz. New Amsterdam Vodka 80-Proof.5 oz. Dark Crème de Cacao3oz. Cold Root Beer3oz. Cold Stout BeerLarge scoop of Vanilla Ice CreamGarnish: Caramel Covered PopcornInstructions:Add ingredients into a blender with some ice, and blend until smooth"

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Will you be enjoying some boozy ice cream treats this summer? It could be the adult way to celebrate National Ice Cream Day.