S’mores: This classic dessert can be more than a campfire treat


S’mores are perfectly simple yet absolutely delicious. Why not take those tempting flavors and transform them into all types of desserts.

What are your favorite s’mores desserts? The classic campfire treat can be more than just marshmallow, chocolate and graham cracker. While everyone loves that tasty combination, some desserts put a new spin on the favorite dessert.

Although the campfire is often the traditional way to enjoy s’mores, the big, roaring fire isn’t always necessary. Table top or even candles can help to create this simple dessert. Even restaurants are joining the dessert fun.

For example, Universal Orlando’s Bigfire does tabletop s’mores. A plate comes with all the ingredients, including several flavors of marshmallows, milk chocolate, peanut butter cups and graham crackers. It is a lot of fun to chat about how best to char a marshmallow.

This example from Bigfire is a good example how people enjoy both the flavor and the process of making a s’more. There is something quite tempting and tasty about the sweet, gooey charred marshmallow with chocolate and crunchy graham cracker.

One of the reasons why people like this sweet treat is the charred marshmallow. Although restaurants can have these tableside kits, home cooks have options to make these sweet treats without a big campfire.

Another way to get that char is with a kitchen gadget. For example, the Benzomatic torch can get that toasted marshmallow goodness in a matter of seconds.

While people need to be very careful of the flame, this kitchen makes quick work of the charred marshmallow process. From the classic version to a plated dessert, marshmallow perfection is at your fingertips.

For example, check out these three recipes from using the Benzomatic torch to toast the marshmallows.


Even sometimes you don’t even need a flame. Hershey’s has some up with a genius way of creating s’mores in cup. This recipe just requires a microwave. Plus, parents don’t have to worry about kids playing with flames.

But, the classic version isn’t the only way to enjoy this sweet treat. From DQ Blizzards to ice cream in the grocery store, frozen treats that used this flavor combination are everywhere.

For example, Wondermade makes a Smoresicle. The ice cream shop and marshmallow maker in Orlando makes this frozen treat has all the flavor but in a different format.

The Smoresicle is described as a part pudding pop where “the bottom half is rolled in crushed gram cracker and the top half has toasted marshmallow.” It is perfect on a hot, Florida afternoon.

S’morescile from Wondermade, photo provided by Wondermade

Now, if you aren’t a fan of frozen treats, don’t fret, there are many other dessert options that incorporate the flavors of chocolate, marshmallow and graham. From pancakes to cookies there are a plethora of options.

Overall, these simple ingredients can be transformed in a variety of ways. Even switching a graham cracker for a pretzel, like this Hershey’s recipe can be enjoyable. While the bite sized bites are cute, the flavor is really interesting. The touch of salt from the pretzel makes the dessert’s flavor pop. Plus, who doesn’t like a cute little dessert?

Even a quick browse on the Hershey’s recipe website shows how easy and versatile these flavor ingredients can be. While marshmallows and chocolate are usually the key ingredients, the other options can be expanded to numerous varieties.

From cookies to bread pudding to even a s’mores blonde pie, you could have a different dessert every day of the week. More importantly, this flavor combination and dessert embraces the fun that sweet offer.

With its simplicity, it is a dessert that families can make together. Whether roasting a marshmallow over a flame or dipping a marshmallow into a chocolate sauce, those moments involving food can spark great food and family memories. Aren’t those moments what makes this dessert so tasty?

If all this talk of dessert has made you hungry, let’s open a bag of marshmallows, grab some chocolate and a graham cracker. Add a pinch of fun and enjoy this classic dessert.

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