Grubhub Perks are the perfect reason to order from your favorite restaurant


Grubhub Perks are here and ordering from your favorite restaurant is even more enticing. Which food rewards are calling you?

Now there are even more reasons to order from Grubhub. Grubhub Perks will offer users some exclusive offers and restaurant rewards that could have you forget about cooking at home. Are you ready to earn some free food?

Restaurant loyalty programs have often enticed customers to return over and over again. Whether it is VIP status or restaurant discounts, these types of loyalty programs keep guests coming back for their favorite menu items time and again.

While online ordering has made food delivery convenient, it hasn’t necessarily taken into account those loyalty programs. Even though consumers crave convenience, they want their devotion to a particular restaurant to be celebrated.

The Grubhub Perks gives consumers what they want. These Grubhub exclusive incentives encourage consumers to pick this ordering service and these restaurants because they will earn freebies. After all, can anyone turn down free food?

“Restaurants have always used free food as a perk for their VIP diners – to keep them happy and coming back. We have now extended this practice to Grubhub diners by building loyalty tools so our restaurant partners can promote their restaurants more aggressively on our marketplace and reward their best digital diners as well,” said Matt Maloney, Grubhub founder and CEO.

As part of the Perks launch, a few of the first launch offers are quite good. A few of the offers include: “Free Cheesy Gordita Crunch from Taco Bell, Free 1 Dozen Cheddar Bay Biscuits® from Red Lobster, and Free 20 oz smoothie from Smoothie King.” Additional locations, including Shake Shack, will also offer perks.

This Grubhub addition gives the service an advantage over other companies. If all things are equal, people will always choose the opportunities for rewards and free food. Everyone wants to feel that their money is well spent. Rewards are part of that equation.

The Grubhub Perks can be found on the “Perks” tab on the app.

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What do you think of the Grubhub Perks? Will it change your dinner plans?