McDonald’s Halloween menu hacks: Spooky or genius?


As the witching hour approaches, these McDonald’s Halloween menu hacks could have everyone skipping trick or treating for some dinner fun.

Are you ready for Halloween? During this time of year, spooky is the big theme and McDonald’s Halloween menu hacks have everyone thinking about grabbing a Big Mac, French fries and even a McFlurry. Ready to place an order?

As the kids get excited about the bounty of candy that arrives on Halloween, parents might be wondering how to make sure that dinner is more than just a bunch of candy bars. Given how everyone can get busy, it makes sense that deliveries are up during Halloween time.

To make life easier for everyone, McDelivery and Uber Eats are offering a $0 delivery fee now through November 1. This free McDelivery offer is as good as the house who gives out full size candy bars on Halloween.

With more people ordering in for Halloween, McDonald’s created some Halloween menu hacks. These ideas are simple, yet pretty genius. Don’t worry about the foods being too spooky. Even the pickiest eater will want to try these McDonald’s Halloween menu hacks.

Fry Fangs

Who hasn’t turned French fries into some spooky fangs? McDonald’s recommends dipping those fries into ketchup for some added fright. Now these fries won’t make you a vampire, but it could make for a fun picture.

Cauldron Sauce

Looking for a spooky sauce for those Chicken McNuggets? Why not swirl some two classic sauces for something a little frightful? Combine barbecue sauce and creamy ranch to make Cauldron Sauce. Don’t mix too much. Just like a good potion, you want to see all those ingredients.

Trick-or-Treat McFlurry

Have too much Halloween candy in the house? Why not make your own Halloween McFlurry at home? There are many options and creativity is a bonus. Try combining different textures and flavors. Why not take a M&Ms with Butterfinger or some Oreos with a Twix? The combinations are too many to name.

Halloween dinnertime with menu hacks through McDelivery, photo provided by McDelivery/Uber Eats

Itsy Bitsy Burger

Could that McDonald’s burger or sandwich transform into a creepy spider? With just eight French fries, you can turn that burger or sandwich into a spider. Now, this idea could change how everyone looks at eating bugs.

Caramel Chiller Thriller

Need a way to get those kids to eat more apples? Order a caramel sundae and serve some apple slices with it. Sure, you might rather the kids (and adults) just eat the apples, but sometimes a compromise is in order.

These McDonald’s Halloween menu hacks are the ideas that McDonald’s suggested, but there are all types of menu hacks that people can create. Quite possibly, these ideas could spark a whole new menu trend. Wonder what other holiday menu hacks could be created?

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What do you think about these McDonald’s Halloween menu hacks? Are you going to make a McDelivery through Uber Eats order this week?