Best Halloween Candy: What’s in your candy bowl this year?


As everyone finalizes those Halloween costumes, one big question remains, what is the best Halloween candy to have in your candy bowl?

The best Halloween candy can be a controversial subject. From discussing that contentious candy corn to the always popular Reese’s peanut butter cup, Halloween candy fills everyone thoughts as October comes to a close. Still, all these candy choices can make the whole topic even more complicated.

While some people might wait till the last minute to fill those candy bowls with sweet treats, the overflowing Halloween candy aisle is overwhelming. With so many options, which candy should you choose?

Granted, some people pick the candy that they love, hoping that there will be some leftover pieces on November 1. The opposite side has followers, too; why put temping candy in that Halloween candy bowl?

Still, no one wants to be labeled “that” house with the bad candy during the trick or treat extravaganza. So, what should you do?

Since FoodSided is always up for a good food discussion, below is our take on some Halloween candy suggestions. From traditional choices to a few special treats, here’s the Halloween candy that is filling our candy bowl this year.

Hershey’s and Reese’s dress up the traditional

Some traditional Halloween candy got a spooky makeover for the season. Hershey’s, Kit Kat and Reese’s both have glow in the dark candy wrappers for the season. While the candy might not have changed, the look fits the season.

Hershey’s offers a skull shaped bowl with assorted candy. Also, there is an Addams Family Assorted pack. Basically, if you want these candies, they are all dressed up and ready for Halloween.

Go big, big bags that it

If you can pick a single type of Halloween candy, Walmart has the perfect solution. There is a monster bag with 530-candy pieces. From NERDS to Trolli Gummies to Super Bubble Gum, this big bag has a treat that appeals to everyone.

For families, this gigantic bag is the solution for that Halloween candy bowl. For just $23.98, Halloween candy is solved.

Bring the magic

If you are doing Halloween on a smaller scale, why not make Halloween candy a little magical. Jelly Belly has some tasty, magical Harry Potter candy that is perfect for Halloween.

From the chocolate wants, including the new Voldemort wand, to the house crest containers with Jelly Belly jelly beans, there is a tasty treat that will definitely make you smile.

And, if you are close to the real Wizarding World, Universal Orlando Resort has a wide variety of Harry Potter world themed candies. From chocolate frogs to every flavour beans these treats have jumped off the classic magical tale.

Skip the candy, hook a fish, Goldfish that is

While many people seek copious amounts of Halloween candy, Goldfish is all dressed up for the spooky season. Cheddar Goldfish snack pack pouches are perfect for everyone occasion.

Plus, with these spooky snacks in the house, there is no concern that there will be leftovers when Santa pays a visit. All the leftover bags can be put in school lunches.

Unusual flavors

If you are flavor adventurous, maybe those Zombie Skittles could be the Best Halloween candy. While these candies may not turn you into a zombie, one of those unusual flavors could make your head spin.

Granted, these Skittles are meant to be fun and the flavors (even the zombie ones) aren’t that horrible. It is just a fun Halloween prank.

Trolli Sour Brite Candy Corn, photo provided by Ferrara

Finally a candy corn people want

Candy Corn is always a controversial subject. Luckily, Trolli Sour Brite Candy Corn is that Halloween candy that everyone wants. This candy might be weirdly awesome but it is the best candy corn around.

Additionally, there are all types of Brach’s, Trolli, SweeTARTS and other Ferrera candies that blend the traditional with the new.

Global flavors are a great treat

While traditional candies are common in the candy bowl, why not explore some bright, fruit flavors, like the HI-CHEW. The immensely fruity, chewy candy has quickly become a popular choice.

Some great flavor options include the new Watermelon, Dragon Fruit or even one of the Super Fruits mixes. Once you taste this candy, you might have to keep a bag in the house all year round.

Get Spotted with Frito-Lay Variety Packs

If you go trick or treating, make sure that those ghosts and goblins aren’t hidden in the shadows. The Get Spotted Frito-Lay Variety Packs are a great idea. The reflective material ensures that the goodie bag is a beacon on that dark night.

Plus, all those Frito-Lay Variety Packs are always a favorite with everyone. Hopefully, no one casts a spell and takes all the Cheetos before the witching hour is over.

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What do you think is the best Halloween candy? Have you already stocked your candy bowl?