Halloween candy trends: What’s your state’s favorite Halloween candy?


Halloween candy trends can change year after year. Do you know your state’s favorite Halloween candy?

Halloween candy can be quite particular. This year’s Halloween candy trends show that people are spending larges amounts of money on Halloween candy. With almost $2.6 billion spent on candy, why waste money on candy that kids are going to throw away. The CandyStore.com has compiled its annual favorite candy list.

Before you start buying candy, check out this list that features each state’s favorite Halloween candy.

Skittles, the safe bet

Skittles always seems to be the top choice for Halloween candy. There is something that everyone just seems to like about this candy. The hard crunchy shell and the sweet fruit flavor make this candy quite addicting. Sure, Skittles comes in a variety of flavors now. The spicy and sweet and sour have found a place in the candy aisle. Still, traditional, regular Skittles will make many trick or treaters happy on Halloween.

Source: CandyStore.com

M&Ms, still a popular choice

A close second to Skittles, M&Ms are the second most popular choice for Halloween candy purchases. Again, it appears to be the plain, chocolate M&Ms variety. Sorry peanut fans or those new, crazy flavor combinations. The classic flavor could be tops because it is sold in convenient snack sized packages, too.

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Dustin wants to know where’s the nougat?

Stranger Things fans know that Dustin and the Demogorgan might like nougat. Unfortunately, the majority of states pass over the 3 Musketeers. It appears nougat isn’t a popular choice for Halloween candy. Maybe nougat is just too old school for people’s current tastes.

Candy Corn really like candy corn?

For some reason, candy corn still tops several states most popular list. Candy corn is quite a divisive candy. Some people can’t get enough of the sugary, tri-colored candy. Other people avoid it completely.

Where’s the gummies?

Have you ever noticed that gummy candy is everywhere, except the Halloween candy list? Starburst came out with new gummy candy. You can find all shapes, sizes and flavors of gummy candy. Maybe the gummy candy is special occasion candy, not holiday candy.

Did your favorite Halloween candy make the Halloween candy trends list? What Halloween candy do you give out?