Blue Apron Game Day Party Eats make Southern style tailgating a breeze

Blue Apron Game Day Party Eats, photo provided by Blue Apron
Blue Apron Game Day Party Eats, photo provided by Blue Apron /

While the teams might not be set for the Big Game in Miami, party hosts need to start planning. The Blue Apron Game Day Party Eats will make hosting a breeze.

Party hosts don’t need to stress about the Big Game. With Blue Apron Game Day Party Eats, the party host can create a delicious Southern inspired tailgating dishes that will impress even the most difficult food critic. With a Party Playbook, these twists on some classic recipes might make you the MVH, most valuable host.

Blue Apron has become a popular choice for many home cooks. From the easy to follow recipes to the curated boxes, the system takes the guess work out of cooking many recipes. It is a great way to gain confidence in the kitchen.

Specifically for the Big Game, the Game Day Party Eats box features five dishes. These dishes are rooted in traditional Southern inspired tailgating recipes, but there are a few twists on the traditional.

The dishes are:

"Creamy Kale Dip with Pita Chips & Crispy Onions"

"Cajun Shrimp Lettuce Cups with Jalapeno Creme Fraiche"

"Pimento Cheese Flatbread with Proscuitto & Marinated Shallot"

"Deviled Eggs with Hot Sauce & Pickle Relish"

"BBQ Chicken Sandwiches with Apple & Cabbage Slaw"

Looking at these five dishes, they offer a nice blend of traditional Southern dishes with a modern twist. From adding Kale for an healthy green to kicking up the bold spice with the jalapeno creme fraiche, these recipes balance the familiar and new. It is a great choice for party hosts who want to offer more for the Big Game.

It is interesting that the dishes has a Southern twist. While some hosts might be taking a cue from Miami and its Cuban connection, the Southern inspired dishes offer a more broad base appeal.

For example, many Southerns love Pimento Cheese, but have you ever thought of putting it on a flatbread. Given the texture and flavor, this combination could be the most talked about dish during the Big Game.

While the food is often the star of the party, the party host wants to score a win with all her guests. The Party Play Book that comes with this Blue Apron Game Day Party Eats box has helpful tips to keep everything on track.

From chef tips to ensure that each dish comes out perfectly to some lighthearted thoughts, the party play book is a reminder that everything will be ok. Even if the chip bowl runs low before halftime or the commercials overshadow the play on the gridiron, everyone will just the evening together. Just enjoying time together is the most important part.

The Blue Apron Game Day Party Eats Box is available for order on the brand’s website through January 22. It costs $99 and will be delivered by January 31.

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