Can a home cooked meal be the true expression of love?


From holidays to Sunday dinner, a home cooked meal can be more than just sustenance on the plate. Is this simple gesture really an expression of love?

When was the last time you made someone a home cooked meal? Of course, an elegant dinner out with your special someone or your family can be a memorable moment, but what about gathering around the kitchen table. Sometimes those little gestures can be the true expression of love.

For many people, cooking can bring joy. Whether it is the details in the mise en place or the satisfying sizzle from a hot pan, that moment of creativity in the kitchen feeds more than just curbing hunger. From a sense of accomplishment to bringing smiles to everyone around the table, that home cooked meal is more than just a tasty dinner.

For most people, their cooking falls in between the most celebrated chefs and the Worst Cooks in America. With a little direction and the right tools, anyone can create a dish or meal that is special. Of course, a recipe can offer direction, but the intentions behind the cooking often come through in savoring a bite.

Given the time of year, many people cooked or will be cooking a meal for someone special in their lives. Although no one wants for the smoke detector to go off or the antacids to make an appearance later in the evening, a few items can help put everyone on the right track.

Instead of relying on that Instapot to do all the work, break out a cast iron brasier, like the Anolon Vesta Cast Iron 5-qt. Braiser in Paprika Red. From a classic coq au van to a flavorful paella, this braiser is a kitchen staple. When the lid opens and the aroma wafts to the table, it will make everyone smile.

For something a little more interactive, why not go a little old school with fondue. Even if you just use a fondue set for dessert, it can be a fun way to get everyone chatting around the table. Those fun conversations are part of the best food memories.

If the idea of cooking together inspires a new passion in the house, why not invest in a whole cookware set, like the Rachael Ray Create Delicious 13-Piece Cookware Set, Red Shimmer. This set offers all the kitchen essentials that will help to create many memorable meals. And, don’t forget to tune into the Food Network app for some great meal inspiration.

Whether you believe that the way to a person’s heart is through the stomach or you want to explore cooking, a home cooked meal can be an expression of love.

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