Was 2019 really the year of the Instant Pot?


The Instant Pot has changed how many home cooks approach meal time. Did the rise in popularity of this kitchen essential make it one of the biggest trends of 2019?

Many home cooks cannot live without their Instant Pot. For many people this electric multi-cooker has become the ultimate kitchen essential. Whether it was ease of cooking or convenience, this kitchen appliance seemed always to be on the kitchen counter.

Many home cooks are always looking for convenience. From weekly meal prep to meal kits, no one has the luxury to spend hours in the kitchen making dinner.

At the same time, home cooks are trying to reduce their reliance on take out options. While delivery options are everywhere, many people are trying to make smart food choices. Some people feel that making food in their own kitchen helps to achieve that goal.

Still, busy lives mean that home cooks don’t have the opportunity to spend hours in the kitchen making dinner. While time might be an issue, they want flavorful recipes and smart food choices.

Kitchen appliance companies are answering the demands of the consumer with the rise of the Instant Pot. According to Walmart, the biggest online seller of 2019 was this kitchen appliance. While there are various brands and versions of this multi-cooker, it shows that more and more consumers are wanting this cooking convenience.


Thinking about this kitchen essential, the concept isn’t necessarily a new one. In many ways, this small appliance is a newer version of the pressure cooker that your mom had. This version takes the guess work out of using it. By making it electric and programmable, anyone can feel confident using it.

Additionally, home cooks are liking the idea of quick, easy cooking. While slow cookers have been a kitchen essential for decades, some people do not like the concept of food “cooking” all day long. Sometimes that method of cooking can limit the recipes. Cooking in minutes not hours opens the recipe possibilities.

As more and more companies join this small appliance space, it makes it easier for consumers to have options.  Whether people want an entry level option or one with all types of bells and whistles, there is one that fits a person’s need and budget.

Going into 2020, the multi-function kitchen appliance market will continue to grow.  In addition to the Instant Pot, consumers want slow cookers with sous vide, counter top ovens with air fryers and connected small appliances.  The commonality between all these items is that consumers demand convenience.

The biggest positive takeaway from this trend is that it encourages people to get into the kitchen and cook. If making cooking easier creates a desire to get into the kitchen, then hopefully this Instant Pot trend never goes away

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Do you own an Instant Pot? What do you think will be the big cooking trend of 2020?