10 most unique foods forgotten in an Uber will shock you

Do you know the most commonly lost items in an Uber? photo provided by Uber Eats
Do you know the most commonly lost items in an Uber? photo provided by Uber Eats /

Have you ever left something behind in an Uber? These 10 most unique foods forgotten in an Uber might have everyone wondering, what were they thinking.

It might sound unlikely, but the most unique foods forgotten in an Uber could make people scratch their heads. Sure, a hat, umbrella or even a purse can mistakenly be left in the backseat or the trunk. But, who would think that food would be left behind? More importantly, why were people bringing these types of food in an Uber anyhow?

Today, Uber is one of the most popular ways to get from place to place. With the push of a button, anyone can grab a ride. All that convenience can have people become a little distracted, which could be part of the reason that things are left behind.

According to Nicole Siefert, Head of Lost & Found at Uber, losing items in a Uber happens. While some items might be a little unusual, the company will “help return whatever it is you may have left behind, using the app.” Whether it is a phone, wallet, keys or maybe even that forgotten Taco Bell hat.

Last year, Uber compiled a list of unusual items left behind in an Uber. This year FoodSided picked its 10 most unique foods forgotten in an Uber from the complete list.

It seems that foodies are often forgetful. Although, a few items seem really different. Beyond being left behind, why does a person have this item.

Here are FoodSided’s picks for the 10 most unique foods forgotten in an Uber.

"A whole chickenA white, pizza filled castleThree Mason jars with carrots, pickles, and jamVinegar and southern cheese dipMagnum of champagneA birthday cakeA Smucker’s Uncrustables peanut butter & strawberry jam sandwichBoxes of yamsGallon of ice teaA bag with about 14 packs of Nabisco Cameo cookies"

To some people, this list of foods might not be unusual, funny or even strange. While the entire Uber list has 35 unusual foods, these 10 items made us laugh.

While the whole chicken isn’t four fried chickens and a Coke, how do you leave behind a chicken. More importantly, was the chicken cooked or raw? In either case, it wouldn’t the smell make sure that you didn’t leave it behind?

As for the birthday cake, if you were going to a birthday celebration how could you forget the cake? Can you imagine showing up for the party and not having the cake. The scramble to come up with a solution could be comical.

For another head scratcher, who travels with a box of yams? Maybe someone was coming from a farmer’s market. Or, maybe this forgotten food happened around Thanksgiving. Yams do not get a lot of love during other times of the year.

Lastly, what is a castle filled with pizza? Would this item be pizza pockets stuffed into one of those shaped buckets? Did a pizza place come up with a box that looks like castle? Just the visual alone made us laugh.

Just a reminder, if you do leave something behind in a Uber, the company will do its best to get the item back to you. The app has all the details. Still, try not to leave food behind.

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Have you ever left anything in an Uber? Do you think that these 10 most unique foods forgotten in an Uber are humorous?