7-Eleven 7NOW app makes it easy to satisfy weekend cravings

7-Eleven Offers NEW Take & Bake Pizza + contactless beer and wine delivery with 7NOW app. Image Courtesy 7-Eleven
7-Eleven Offers NEW Take & Bake Pizza + contactless beer and wine delivery with 7NOW app. Image Courtesy 7-Eleven /

Even though some days might seem like others, the 7-Eleven 7NOW app is making the weekends a little less stressful. Are you needing some pizza and beer delivery?

Due to current conditions, food delivery is on the rise. With a push of a button, the 7-Eleven 7Now app can have some weekend staples delivered to your door. Although people might not be grabbing that Slurpee and 6-pack after work, they can still enjoy them from the comfort of their couch.

As everyone adapts to the current climate, certain trends have emerged. The convenience of food and beverage delivery has become an important aspect to creating a little sense of normal to the chaos. Yes, that Friday pizza and beer can be an essential bite to remember what day it is.

Additionally, it seems that alcohol beverage sales are increasing. Some restaurants are using alcohol sales to supplement take-out and delivery options. In some ways, cracking open that ice cold beer could be some people’s stress relief.

While there are more options, 7-Eleven is one of the top retailers for beer and other canned beverages. The company even has its own brand of canned wine. Many people have become accustomed of the convenience of having the option of grabbing a six-pack while filling up the car on the way home from work.

Just because the car might be sitting in the garage doesn’t mean that 7-Eleven isn’t a great option when it comes to getting beer, a pizza or another tasty treat. To bring back that feeling of thank heaven for 7-Eleven, the 7NOW app is offering a weekend pizza special.

Now, through May 17 there is a special to make that delivery order even more enticing. On Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, the new take and bake pizza is just $5. The pizza, usually in-store top seller, can now be made hot and crisp at home. Consumers can choose from cheese, pepperoni and extreme meat.

And, if you like an ice cold beer with that pizza, 7-Eleven has you covered. There is a wide selection of beer and other alcoholic options available for delivery (availability depends on location). From a Voyager Point to an Angry Orchard, there are many options. Also, the code FREE4U will give customers free delivery.

If your sense of normal is pizza and beer on the weekends, 7-Eleven 7NOW app has you covered. After all, a little taste of normal can help everyone get through the week.

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