Five NFL Draft picks will go to five iconic food cities

Joe Burrow Celebrates Draft day with Buffalo Wild Wings. Photo provided by Buffalo Wild Wings
Joe Burrow Celebrates Draft day with Buffalo Wild Wings. Photo provided by Buffalo Wild Wings /

With the First Round of the NFL Draft beginning tonight at 8 pm on ESPN, a lot of college football’s brightest stars will be calling a new city home by night’s end. These five iconic food cities have plenty of delicious food options.

Luckily for the top five picks of

this year’s draft,

they can look forward to packing their bags for  iconic food cities that will be able to provide them with meals that embody the uniqueness of the citizens that inhabit them. In order of the cities that have franchises that will draft in the top five this evening, here are five iconic foods from each city that you can guarantee will be in the stomach of each of the top five picks before the end of the NFL season.

1. Cincinnati

Ironically, the probable first overall pick,

Joe Burrow

, is an Ohio native that most likely knows about the iconic Cincinnati staple

Skyline Chilli.

Although his hometown of Athens, Ohio is over 150 miles from Cincinnati, the reach of Skyline is undeniable. A trip to the city is incomplete without tasting the savory blend of spices that compose the chili, and tops spaghetti and hot dogs. For those who need the taste but are about to fly out of the area, the chili mix can even be found at CVG Airport!

2. Washington, D.C

The second pick of this year’s draft better have a sweet tooth, as he is headed to the city where

Georgetown Cupcakes

were established. Now spread out with locations nationwide, the cupcake shop that was established in 2008 has quickly grown a national reputation for having delicious cupcakes. From staples like red velvet to Sunday specials such as Vegan Apple Cinnamon, the shop should have plenty of flavors for whoever the Redskins decide to draft.

3. Detroit

The Lions will introduce a new player to the Motor City tonight, and in the process introduce them to Detroit Coneys. A perfect embodiment of the city, a Coney can be put together much like how the cars are in Detroit: via assembly line. The simple but famous recipe for a Detroit Coney is a beef hotdog, chili, onions, and a healthy squirt of yellow mustard. The hardest challenge for the third overall pick might not be suiting up for the Detroit fans, but picking between

American Coney Island

and Lafayette Coney Island, two rival shops who decided to set up camp right next door to each other.

4. New York

The Giants will be looking to add another cornerstone player to their franchise after taking Daniel Jones in last year’s draft, and that cornerstone player will have his fair share of pizza options to chose from. There are seemingly thousands of pizzerias in the Big Apple, which means the newest Giant will be able to pick from a classic $1 slice, to gourmet pies at Lucali in Brooklyn, where one pie will run you $24.

5. Miami

The Dolphins have 14 picks in this year’s draft, the most of any NFL team, but whoever they decide to draft has to pick a Cuban sandwich. This

classic Miami staple

is served up at locations such as Versailles and Las Olas, and served on Cuban bread with ham, roasted pork, pickles, and mustard. Whoever comes in at the fifth overall pick needs to bring the same tangy trademark taste of a Cuban sandwich to the Dolphins franchise, which needs a jolt of energy following three straight dismal seasons.The lives of the athletes who will be selected in the NFL draft are about to be changed forever. Their go-to food on game day just might change too!

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What is you do you think are the most iconic food cities? Are you enjoying some of those classic dishes while watching the NFL Draft?