Subway shares a tasty recipe that you can make at home

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Love Subway? Make this tasty recipe at home and be your own sandwich artist.

From a footlong to the fan-favorite Signature Wraps, Subway is always a popular choice. Recently, Subway’s Senior Corporate Executive Chef Ciarán Duffy share a tasty recipe that everyone can make at home. Ready to make the Turkey Bacon Avocado pinwheel recipe?

Over the past couple of months, many restaurants and chefs have been sharing recipes. From theme parks revealing iconic recipes to chefs inspiring newbie cooks to discover the joy of cooking, everyone is stepping into the kitchen.

Subway and its Senior Corporate Executive Chef Ciarán Duffy are sharing a simple, tasty recipe, Turkey Bacon Avocado pinwheel recipe. While this recipe is similar to Subway’s Signature Wraps, it is an easy recipe that anyone can make at home.

In a recent YouTube video, Chef Duffy shares not only the recipe but also some tips on smart eating choices. While many people are craving comforting foods, it is equally important to eat all those colorful fruit and veggies on a daily basis.

Check out Chef Duffy and Subway’s video that shares how to make a Turkey Bacon Avocado Pinwheel.

A couple of tips are key to making this recipe. First, thinly sliced ingredients are key. For example, too thick cucumber or tomato slices can make it difficult to wrap.

While this recipe shows long, sliced cucumbers, you can use more traditional round slices. The difference will be the cucumber per bite ratio.

Also, a thinner, less chunky guacamole works better. Think of the guacamole more like a spread, not a dip for this recipe.

Lastly, it is important to let the pinwheel sit before slicing. Allowing all the ingredients to meld for a little bit helps with the slicing.

Overall, this recipe is simple, easy and flavorful. While some people might like to customize the recipe with a little hot sauce or even a different cheese, the concept is easily adaptable. Now everyone can be their own sandwich artist at home.

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What other recipes would you like Subway to share? Have you found a restaurant recipe that you have enjoyed making at home?