Buffalo Wild Wings created a tie that dad actually wants for Father’s Day

BWW offers the Moist Tie-lette for Father's Day, photo provided by Buffalo Wild Wings
BWW offers the Moist Tie-lette for Father's Day, photo provided by Buffalo Wild Wings /

Buffalo Wild Wings finally found a Father’s Day tie that dad wants.

What are you giving dad for Father’s Day? Buffalo Wild Wings created the perfect gift that any dad would be excited to open. While dad often cringes at the site of a tie, this gift is one that he will happily wear.

Father’s Day can be tricky. Everyone wants to get dad a great gift, but there are so many options. Those old gifts like socks, cologne and even another tie might not be the best choice. Especially this year, does dad really wear a tie on those zoom calls?

While everyone should ask dad what he really wants, it can be hard to get a straight answer. Even though Mother’s Day is filled with flowers and brunch, dad is trickier. Do you buy him a six pack of beer or do you take him out for dinner?

As live sports start to come back, many dads will be happy to find their seat at the favorite Buffalo Wild Wings table. America’s Sports Bar is the perfect place to catch up on some golf matches, NASCAR or even that showing of the Royal Ascot. Sports are sports, right?

Even though those BWW wings are tasty, some dads have a spilling problem. All that excitement on TV and the spirited conversation can make dad spill. Luckily, BWW created the perfect dad solution, The Moist Tie-lette.

The Moist Tie-lette is basically a wet nap neck-tie. It isn’t the finest silk, but it is perfect for a BWW feast. More importantly, the $25 gift came with a $25 BWW gift card. Definitely, a win, win situation for everyone involved.

The special Father’s Day gift sold out quite quickly. BWW is trying to make some more, so check back to see if the offer will become available again.

Even if you don’t get dad this special Moist Tie-lette, BWW has a great Father’s Day promotion. On Father’s Day, BBW is offering 20 traditional wings, 20 boneless wings and a basket of fries for $39.99. The special offer is available for takeout, delivery and dine-in.

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What will you be giving dad this Father’s Day? Why not take him to Buffalo Wild Wings, grab a beer and a plate of wings. Even if you don’t get the Moist Tie-lette, your server will make sure that you have plenty of napkins at the table.