Nick Offerman narrates The History of Home, a place that sustains us

Marble House as seen in The History of Home, photo provided CuriosityStream
Marble House as seen in The History of Home, photo provided CuriosityStream /

More than walls and a roof, The History of Home shows how people thrive in a house.

Have you ever given a thought to The History of Home? In the new CuriosityStream three-part series, each episode explores a different aspect of a home. For the foodie, the home not only nurtures the soul, it sustains people.

When you come home at the end of the day, open the door and sit on the couch, does it feel welcoming? Within those four walls, you can do what you want. Whether it is eating dinner while standing in front of the sink or eating ice cream for breakfast, That home is all about what makes you feel good.

Although everyone has their own concept of home, this new series celebrates both the similarities and differences of that idea. It is more than just four walls and a roof, it is how that space makes you feel.

While each episode explores various locales and concepts, Nick Offerman is the bridge that connects all these concepts. As his soothing voice begins each episode, it is similar to that warm aroma of baking cookies that entices you to enter the kitchen. You cannot help but sit down and watch episode after episode.

Given that Offerman is a master woodworker, he knows a thing or two about building a quality product. Even though fans love his acting, his craftsman knowledge blends seamlessly into his perfect delivery.

Regarding this partnership, Offerman said, “I love our human capacity for building clever spots in which to cook our meat and make sweet love to our spouses. This series is such a beautifully embroidered paean to the varied results of that particular talent, so I was over the moon when they asked me to collaborate with their gorgeous work.”

In the second episode of this series, The History of Home focuses on the kitchen. Even though everyone has heard the old saying about the kitchen being the heart of the home or the party always ends up in the kitchen, there is something that just draws people into that part of the home.

Looking back at older homes, the hearth was the heart of the home. Over time, the hearth evolved into the kitchen. That one room has shaped families, cultures and even history.

Throughout this episode of The History of Home, the evolution of the kitchen and even the concept of a dining table is explored. It is more than just a place where food meets flame. That food offers an emotional connection.

From the stories passed down through families to the history of cultures and cuisines, that plate is more than just sustenance. It is expression of an endless connection.

Even though these words still a little lofty, not every part of this episode is scholarly. There are many humorous moments, usually thanks to Offerman and his witty commentary. And, you will appreciate that French fry history lesson.

Next time when you open the door to your home, take a moment to appreciate the surroundings. Whether it is a studio apartment or a sprawling estate, that place where you lay your head will sustain you for all that you do. Isn’t it time to celebrate it?

The History of Home is produced by CuriousityStream.

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What does your home mean to you? What gives you a feeling of comfort in your home?