Teavana summer teas offer balance, refreshment and relaxation

New Teavana Summer Teas, photo provided by Teavana
New Teavana Summer Teas, photo provided by Teavana /

One sip of the Teavana summer teas brings refreshment in a glass.

From a warm cup to start the day to an iced glass to bring refreshment, the Teavana summer teas offer the flavor variety to enjoy a perfect beverage any time of the day. While some of these teas are delicate, the nuanced flavors make you enjoy each and every sip. Are you ready to sit back and enjoy a glass?

Teavana tea is more than just another plain tea bag. Whether is it one of the sachets or a bottle of iced tea, these teas have layers of flavor that entice the drinker to stop and enjoy. From the quality ingredients to the attention to craft, there is a blend of tradition and trending. Although it might not be the expected tea time, it is one that deserves a moment to savor.

The Teavana summer teas bring a new approach to the summer season. While older tea drinkers might think of that sun tea that is lemony and sweet, these summer teas look to bring more to the glass. Beyond the layers of flavors, these iced teas look to enhance people’s lifestyles.

Three new iced teas focus on specific areas, Defense, Balance and Refresh. While these titles might seem like buzz words, the concepts help to guide the tea drinking experience. Whether you pick an iced tea based on attribution or flavor, these craft teas might surprise you.

The Defense tea is an orange cinnamon white tea. With a boost of vitamin C, the citrus forward tea adds a touch of spice from ginger, warmth from cinnamon and spoonful of honey for sweetness. As the vitamin C looks to boost defenses, the flavor keeps people coming back for more.

On a leisurely afternoon, consider enjoying this tea over ice, with an orange slice or an orange twist. Consider even freezing a piece of orange peel in an ice cube for an elevated experience.

During these trying times, many people are looking for a sense equilibrium in their life. The Balance Watermelon Basil Oolong Tea looks to promote harmony in each sip. The combination of watermelon, basil and turmeric is quite different. The tea slowly evolves over each sip.

Teavana suggests shaking this tea in an ice shaker, similar to a cocktail. The little slivers of ice add just the right chill to the tea without watering it down. This tea could be a simple mocktail replacement.

Lastly, the Refresh Blueberry Mint Herbal Tea could be the perfect summer thirst quencher. While blueberries are often found in the fruit salad, this blend of blueberry and mint will make you wonder why you haven’t tried the combination before.

If you are looking to boost the mint flavor, consider blending some mint leaves with sugar and pulsing it in a blender. Let the sugar mint combination dry and then use it to rim a glass. This touch of minty sweetness will make each sip even more enjoyable.

While the craft ice teas are refreshing on a warm day, the Herbal Tea Sachets that are part of the Teavana summer teas could replace that morning cup of coffee. While these teas can be enjoyed both hot and cold, the hot versions could be the perfect way to enjoy a moment of zen before another busy day starts.

Personally, the Mandarin Mimosa Herbal Tea is a must try. For a brunch, this tea could replace that mimosa. While the orange flavor is clear, the tropical notes are more enticing. The papaya and mango are subtle but make you go back sip after sip.

While the Mandarin Mimosa Herbal Tea is delicious warm, it is equally delightful served over ice. If you add an orange zest, remember to rub the orange on the lip of the glass. That method will add a little extra orange flavor to each sip.

The Lemon Ginger Bliss Herbal Tea has a note of spice, but the touch of strawberry flavor makes it perfect for summer. That strawberry flavor is juicy, luscious and enticing. With the spice from the ginger, a touch of honey can make this tea even more enjoyable.

Lastly, the Spiced Apple Cider Herbal Tea could make you think of that apple pie at a summer picnic. There is a sip of familiar and comforting in each cup. Even though cinnamon can be a warm spice, this tea could be a great pairing while sitting by the campfire and eating s’mores.

These Teavana summer teas join the robust tea line-up. Check with the Teavana website to find a retailer near you.

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Do you have a tea ritual? Is there a special tea that helps you recharge, refresh and relax?