Pizza Hut contactless delivery has resonated with consumers

Pizza Hut Pizza, photo provided by Pizza Hut
Pizza Hut Pizza, photo provided by Pizza Hut /

Pizza Hut contactless delivery proves to be the food delivery option that consumers want.

As food delivery becomes the norm, Pizza Hut contactless delivery has been well received. While no one could have predicted the current situation, Pizza Hut found a way to pivot and continue to give consumers what they wanted, fast, tasty pizza, delivered safely to their door.

Since March 2020, Pizza Hut has served more than 16 million contactless digital orders. Whether it is people tired of cooking, satisfying a pizza craving or just wanting convenience, that number is significant.

As the “first national pizza brand to introduce contactless curbside pickup nationwide in April,” Pizza Hut understands that consumers want to trust their food delivery service. There is value in knowing that safety seal offers a peace of mind. It is an assurance from the brand that safety is a top priority.

Currently, Pizza Hut offers three contactless options: curbside pickup, delivery or carryout. With many options on the table, consumers can quickly and efficiently satisfy that craving for another slice of pizza.

In recent months, Pizza Hut has offered various innovations in the pizza space. From stuffed crusts to creative flavor combinations, that classic pizza is never boring. Still, it has strayed too far from what consumers want, a great tasting pizza at an amazing value.

As seen in various ads, Pizza Hut is offering a Large 3-Topping pizza for just $9.99. Whether ordered for delivery, carryout or curbside pickup, this offer is the best national pizza delivery deal available.

At this price, everyone in the family could have their own 3-topping pizza. Whether you want all veggies, all meat or a combination of both, the options are almost too many to count. Why not order a couple pizzas and have a few leftovers for breakfast the next morning. Pizza for breakfast is always a tasty option.

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What would you order on your $9.99 3 topping large Pizza Hut deal? Do you like the Pizza Hut contactless delivery?