Enlightened Ice Cream closes for National Ice Cream Day and it is for a good reason

Enlightened Ice Cream, photo provided by Enlightened Ice Cream
Enlightened Ice Cream, photo provided by Enlightened Ice Cream /

For Enlightened Ice Cream, National Ice Cream Day is a reason to pause.

On National Ice Cream Day, many ice cream brands look to make the most of the food holiday. Enlightened Ice Cream is taking a different approach to the food holiday. For this fast-growing ice cream brand, it is time to pause and that’s a reason to celebrate.

Growing up, going to a local ice cream shop to get a scoop of ice cream, a sundae or even that gigantic banana split was the ultimate treat. Personally, I can remember getting that ice cream sundae served in a small baseball helmet. It was the must have special summer dessert and that food memory has lasted long after the final spoonful was eaten.

This year, more than ever, local ice cream shops are hurting. As small businesses learn to pivot in this new restaurant landscape, the local ice cream shop can use some support. Enlightened Ice cream is stepping up to be that support on National Ice Cream Day.

Instead of doing a big promotion, EatEnlightened.com will encourage its fans to #ScoopLocal. The company will showcase over 500 independently owned ice cream shops in all 50 states.

This idea holds special meaning for Enlightened CEO and founder Michael Shoretz. “Not only are ice cream shops an important part of America’s history, but they’re also part of Enlightened’s history. My great-grandparents immigrated to New York City, where they opened a local candy shop specializing in coffee ice cream that started my family’s life in America. If it wasn’t for my great-grandpa Willie’s ice cream, we wouldn’t be where we are today.”


Now through July 18, the company will donate 50 percent of its profits from EatEnlightended.com to the James Beard Foundation’s Open for Good initiative. This program helps to support independent restaurants survive in the current crisis, rebuild and thrive again.

For this year’s National Ice Cream Day Celebration, Englightened is encouraging people to post on social media how they are supporting their favorite local ice cream shop. From a mouth watering ice cream picture to a positive review, the idea is see how everyone is screaming for ice cream this year.

Each social media post tagged with #ScoopLocal and @eatenlightened, the company will donate $1 to the Open for Good Initiative. That’s a great reason to have another scoop of ice cream.

This year, a scoop of ice cream can bring some happiness beyond the enjoyment of eating it. Let’s all do a scoop for good and scream loudly for local ice cream shops.

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How will you be celebrating National Ice Cream Day? What is your favorite local ice cream shop?