Subway BBQ Rib Footlong is sweet and spicy tasty bite

New Subway BBQ Rib Footlong, photo provided by Subway
New Subway BBQ Rib Footlong, photo provided by Subway /

The new Subway BBQ Rib Footlong is a reason to have it your way.

Move over meatball marinara, the Subway BBQ Rib Footlong has been added to the menu. This sweet and spicy bite could be a reason to head to Subway. What can you expect from this new menu item?

According Subway, the new footlong features “pork topped sweet BBQ Sauce, crisp lettuce, onions, and tangy pickles.” In a way, this footlong is Subway’s version of a BBQ pulled pork sandwich.

Thinking about this sandwich, it is a good choice to launch it in the summer. With many people craving BBQ flavors in summer, this footlong features those flavors. People can satisfy those cravings in a convenient way.

This footlong offers a good combination of flavors and textures. The addition of the tangy pickles helps to balance the richness of the BBQ sauce. While there isn’t coleslaw, the lettuce and onions add some texture.

Looking at this footlong, it is interesting that the pork is shaped like a rib patty. For fans of another fast causal “rib sandwich,” it could be a reason to try this Subway menu item at least once. There seems to be a few similarities.

Of course, Subway allows guests to customize the BBQ Rib Footlong however they like. Maybe this sandwich would be even better with some jalapenos or banana peppers. Even some green peppers might be a tasty addition.

If you are thinking about trying the Subway BBQ Rib Footlong, remember that special app and mobile order deal. The $5 footlong promotion is back and the BBQ Rib is included. The limited time promotion offers $5 footlongs when you buy two via either the Subway app or online.

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Are you ready to try the new Subway BBQ Rib Footlong? Do you always order the same footlong at Subway?