Pepsi Zero Sugar NHL Shutout is a reason to celebrate the NHL’s return

Pepsi Zero Scores for NHL Season, photo provided by Pepsi
Pepsi Zero Scores for NHL Season, photo provided by Pepsi /

Pepsi Zero Sugar NHL Shutout is back and you could score.

It’s getting a little chilly this summer because the NHL Season is coming back and the Pepsi Zero Sugar NHL Shutout is here to celebrate all the hockey fans. While hockey fans will miss the thrill of players checking into the board and feeling that rattle in their seats, the return of sports is a reason to be happy. And, Pepsi wants to reward hockey fans for supporting the sport and the teams as they hit the ice.

The Pepsi Zero Sugar NHL Shutout is fan engagement promotion. The contest will be giving away up to $500,000 to fans. The promotion is tied to the first 24 games of the NHL Stanley Cup qualifiers.

While complete details can be found via Pepsi’s website, fans are encouraged to enter via socials by tagging Pepsi and using the tags #PepsiZeroScores and #Sweepstakes. Winners will be featured on Pepsi’s socials.

Basically, a winner could receive $24,000 when one of the first 24 games goes to a shutout. Although every hockey fan wants an entertaining game, some people might be routing for a chance to win.

According to Melissa Duhaime, Director of Sports Marketing at PepsiCo, “We wanted to reward those unapologetic hockey fans that have been waiting nearly 150 days for the return of the league with something special – and what’s more special than a chance at a cash prize when your favorite goalie stands on his head?”

This Pepsi promotion is one of many ways that companies are trying to bring the fans back to the sports that they love. From offering a courtside perspective at the NBA Bubble to recreating the baseball atmosphere outside of the stadium, there are ways to bring the fans closer to the live action sports that they love.

While it might not be the traditional way of enjoying a favorite game, it is a way to be involved with the sports that people love. Any way to keep that connection strong is good for the sport and the fans. Plus, who doesn’t jump at the chance to potentially win a prize for themselves?

Put some Pepsi in the fridge and wear your favorite hockey jersey. Maybe even turn the air down a little in the house to get the icy chill feeling. Get ready for the first puck drop and maybe you could score big in the Pepsi Zero Sugar NHL Shutout.

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How are you staying connected to the sports that you love?