Mother’s Cookies offers At-Home Friendship Cookie Kits

Mother's Cookies Original Animal Cookies, photo provided by Mother's Cookies,
Mother's Cookies Original Animal Cookies, photo provided by Mother's Cookies, /

Mother’s Cookies brings friends together with At-Home Friendship Cookie Kits.

For many people, they grew up Mother’s Cookies. Those classic Original Circus Animal Cookies were either a lunch box or an after-school treat. When those pink and white cookies were served, the smiles appeared.

On National Friendship Day, Mother’s Cookies launched At-Home Friendship Cookie Kits. These special kits have everything to inspire your inner baker. More importantly, it is a reason to gather with friends and family to have a little fun in the kitchen.

According to Hasika Sarathy, Ferrera’s Senior Associate Brand Manager of Marketing, “research shows 73 percent of families are taking advantage of time at home and looking for ways to connect with families. Our hope is providing friends and families with the gift of Mother’s at-home Friendship Cookie Kits, we will bring joy into Americans’ homes and inspire them to get creative with our cookies.”

These special At-Home Friendship Cookies Kits can be won via the Mother’s Cookies Instagram page. For complete details, check out the brand’s website for ways to win.

While the actual kit has everything for some summer fun, you can create a kit yourself with some of these Original Circus Animal Cookies. Although these cookies might have appeared in summer frozen treat, there are ways to get a pink and white cookie boost.

The baking kit suggests cupcakes, but that is just one idea. Besides a topping for cupcakes or cakes, you could make some indulgent pancakes for a special brunch. Why not make some pancakes and sprinkle some cookies on top of whipped cream. It adds a boost of color and texture. The kids might prefer this idea to syrup.

Truthfully, these cookies can inspire all types of baking fun. Whether you create a new dessert or just tell imaginative stories about the cookie animals themselves, it is about spending time together.

Why not grab a bag of Mother’s Cookies Original Circus Animal Cookies and enjoy the moment. Sometimes a sweet treat can be the spark to a special moment.

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What is your favorite cookie? Do you find yourself drawn to nostalgic cookies?