Is hot sake the next big beverage trend?

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(Photo by Rob Kim/Getty Images for NYCWFF) /

Move over hard seltzer and rosé, hot sake might be the next big beverage trend.

With staying in becoming the hottest drinking destination, the next big beverage trend might not be that hard seltzer or all day rosé. Even as more people take their turn as mixologist behind the home bar, one beverage seems to be sparking more sales. Are you sipping on hot sake?

Recently, Grubhub released its State of the Plate report. As to-go and delivery orders become a restaurant’s lifeline to its guests, the to-go alcohol orders are becoming more common. Whether it is convenience of one stop shopping or trying to recreate that restaurant experience at home, that to-go meal comes with a beverage pairing.

Although many people have a preferred beverage, some people are willing to jump on the next big beverage trend. According to this Grubhub report, the top alcohol orders are a little surprising.

Top Alcohol Orders (in ranking order):

  • pinot grigio
  • hot sake
  • rosé
  • light beer
  • IPA
  • merlot
  • frozen strawberry margarita
  • chardonnay
  • cabernet
  • pina colada

Looking at this list overall, getting a beer to go makes sense. Whether it is a pizza order or some chicken wings, beer is always a great option. Plus, having a bottle or a six pack added to the order is simple and easy.

A similar idea applies to wine. Why not order a favorite bottle of wine from your local restaurant. Maybe that family Italian restaurant is the only place where you can find that perfect bottle of pinot grigio that reminds you of a trip to Italy.

The most unusual beverage trend is definitely the hot sake. While some people might sip on sake with their sushi order, hot sake may not travel well. Luke warm sake is not overly enjoyable and you don’t want to chill warmed sake. Why would sake be trending?

Truthfully, ordering sake is like ordering wine. There are many options, not just the cold or hot designation. Sake can be clear or cloudy. And, like wine it comes in a variety of price points.

Also, the sake temperature can depend on the season. So, in the middle of summer, it is not common to have hot sake. Additionally, higher priced sake is often served slightly chilled.

Still, the beverage trend of drinking more sake could show that people are looking to branch out a little more. While hard seltzer options fill shelves and rosé all day will never fade, sake is more than an alcoholic beverage for just sushi. With so many options, it can be fun to explore all the varieties and flavors.

Whether this beverage trend is here to stay or just a little blip on the chart, it might be time to take a sip of sake. With so many options available, you might surprise yourself.

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Are you part of the hot sake beverage trend?