Candy Land comes to life by Food Network and Kristin Chenoweth

(Photo by Jennifer Graylock/Getty Images for Werther's Original)
(Photo by Jennifer Graylock/Getty Images for Werther's Original) /

Princess Lolly is celebrating because Candy Land is coming to Food Network.

Food Network is going on a sweet adventure in the new series, Candy Land. The iconic Hasbro children’s game is jumping off the gameboard and into the Food Network kitchens. With the help of host Kristin Chenoweth, this magical, sweet competition will be feast for the eyes.

Many Food Network fans are drawn to the sweet-focused culinary competitions. From the seasonal baking championships to the over the top Halloween Wars to even Buddy vs Duff, these talented bakers and sugar artists push the boundaries of what is possible. Sometimes, those sweet treats do not seem to be made of edible ingredients. It is definitely fantasy meets food.

As host, Kristin Chenoweth will bring a touch of her sparkling magic to the competition. Although she might not burst into song, the Emmy and Tony-Award winning actress and singer will bring her vivacious personality to the competition. Could she wear a Frostline inspired outline in an episode?

According to Courtney White, President, Food Network, she said, “”Whether it is exploring the Peppermint Forest or a hike to the Gumdrop Mountains, Candy Land has long been a childhood staple, allowing players’ imaginations to run free. We are thrilled to be able to offer our audience an escape to this magical land, and with Kristin Chenoweth as host, there is nobody better at taking viewers on this immersive journey for some fun and excitement.”

Based on that statement, the six-episode competition will be a confectionary feast for Food Network fans. The groups of players must make their way through the Candy Land world. The ultimate goal is to make it to King Kandy’s Castle.

Thinking about this competition, it will be interesting to see the different flavors and unique ingredients that must be used by the cake and sugar artists. While the iconic board game has been a sugary fantasy for all ages, it will be curious to see how that imagination comes to life.

Previously, Candy Land has been brought into the real world with some special pop-up experiences. Additionally, other candy-centric stores seem like that candy-filled land fantasy. There is something about that just makes people smile. Sometimes we all need a little sweet, happy treat in our lives.

The exact premiere date for Candy Land on Food Network has not been revealed.

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What is your favorite Food Network food competition? Are you excited for this new program?